‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 534: Zeref’s Fairy Heart Vs Anna’s Celestial Magic; Natsu’s Resurrection Possible

Fans should not miss the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 534, which will be released next week. The installment is expected to deliver more action to the manga’s plot, as well as answer some of the exciting questions introduced by the recent double chapter release.

Why Zeref Dreads The Future

The recently released Fairy Tail Chapter 532 titled “I Can No Longer See Love” finally revealed something about the Black Wizard. Apparently, even Zeref admits that, in his current state, he is no match for the Acnologia. The problem is specifically troublesome for him and Mavis because they cannot die.

By Zeref’s calculations, it will be Acnologia who will bring about the end of humanity and will happen in the near future. There is no stopping the Black Dragon’s wrath and the trail of destruction that comes with him. Acnologia is just too strong and, with nobody powerful enough to stand in his way, everyone is bound to die.

Well, everyone except those who have managed to attain immortality such as Zeref and Mavis. But in Zeref’s point of view, the inability to die is a curse in this case. Due to their immortality, Zeref and Mavis will indeed survive Acnologia’s rampage. However, they will essentially become the Black Dragon’s pets and playthings, something that he might torture once in a while for amusement.

Zeref dare not imagine the horrors he and Mavis will have to endure in Acnologia’s hands for all of eternity. Such future is unpalatable and, as previously predicted by the Inquisitr, the previous chapter introduced his justification in altering time itself. For Zeref, casting the time altering Neo Eclipse in Fairy Tail Chapter 534 is the only thing that can stop the horrors that would surely come.

And it appears that luck is on Zeref’s side, casting the Neo Eclipse may finally happen in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 534. Mavis, the one thing crucial to the success of Neo Eclipse, made herself readily available by jumping between the brothers as Natsu was about to unleash another attack at Zeref.

Zeref Unleashes Fairy Heart

Zeref wasted no time and used Mavis as a human shield while starting to drain her of all her magic power. Mavis originally wanted to talk things out with Zeref and prevent the brothers from killing each other. However, while Zeref was apologetic, he absorbed every last drop of her magic power leaving behind a seemingly lifeless body. For Zeref, there is just no other way. To be able to reset back time to a point when Natsu was still human, Zeref is still mortal and Acnologia is not yet powerful, the Neo Eclipse spell must be cast, an event that may already happen in the coming Fairy Tail 534.

In fact, Zeref made a little demonstration to Natsu on the extent of his powers after absorbing Mavis’ magic. The Black Wizard used Fairy Heart, a spell that he described as giving him infinite magic power. It is the power of the gods that grants its user the ability to surpass even time.

In Fairy Tail Chapter 533, Natsu attacked Zeref with an ultra-powerful technique called Blaze Dragon King’s Demolition Fist. It was indeed a fearsome technique as it disintegrated Zeref along with a good portion of the guild’s wall. It was most likely the result of the new level of power that Natsu was able to obtain by transforming into some half-dragon, half-human hybrid. However, it was not enough to defeat Zeref.

While Zeref disintegrated due to the power of Natsu’s attack, the Black Wizard simply reformed his body back, a process akin to rewinding a motion picture. Using his bare hand, Zeref retaliated by stabbing Natsu’s body and left his dying brother wishing that he would meet his master Makarov in heaven. Zeref is most likely going to the Ravines of Time to implement his plan of resetting back time in Fairy Tail Chapter 534.

The Ravines of Time

It now appears that the space-time anomaly called the Ravines of Time is the key to defeating Acnologia. But there are two ways that the aberration could be utilized for that purpose. In the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 534 manga, it will be a race between Zeref and Anna on who gets to use it first to defeat the dragon.

While the wizards ultimately share the same goal of defeating Acnologia, the effects of their strategies are drastically different. In the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 534, Anna will try to open the Ravines of Time using her celestial magic as a means of entrapping the Black Dragon into that chaotic dimension with no escape. If she succeeds, the threat will be gone forever, but everything will stay the same; Zeref will still be immortal while Natsu will still be a human-demon-dragon hybrid.

On the other hand, Zeref’s plan will a more drastic effect on all things. Zeref knows that even with his limitless magic, he cannot directly confront Acnologia since magic has no effect on the Black Dragon. Using his mastery of space and time with the Fairy Heart, he plans to reset everything back to the way they were 400 years ago by way of the Neo Eclipse spell – back to a time when Acnologia is still vulnerable. But the downside that has happened after the reset will be erased forever.

The Book Of E.N.D.

While Anna and Zeref will likely be at each other’s throats in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 534, there are indications that Natsu may still survive his brother’s attack. In the previous chapter, Lucy and Gray were puzzled by why the letters floating around suddenly returned back to the Book of E.N.D.

It likely happened because of the connection between Natsu and the book, the process was halted when Zeref stabbed Natsu. But the reverse could also be true as Lucy starts to suspect. Will rewriting the book result in Natsu’s resurrection in the coming Fairy Tail 534?

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