Why Kanye West’s Wife, Kim Kardashian, Would Face Imprisonment If She Were In New Zealand

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s wife, is known for numerous things, including posting controversial posts on her social media accounts. The mom of two, daughter North West, and son Saint West, is a successful reality star and business woman, with one of her business ventures being the Kimoji app. It is a paid iPhone app that is used to send themed emojis such as the those of the reality star in a swimsuit or crying.

It also has an age restriction of 17 due to some of the more sensitive emojis such as that of her derrière. The following was Kanye West’s wife’s revelation about the beginnings of the project as on her website.

“I’m so excited for the release of my KIMOJI! I have been dying for you guys to see them! We started working on them almost two years ago and they are finally ready to launch.

“We first started thinking of all the emoji that we thought were missing and kinda went from there.

“It’s been so fun coming up with these different ideas. I wanted it to be fun and relevant. I wanted to create emoji that everyone wishes they had. And we wanted to push the limits as far as we could, LOL!

“So, after months of going back and forth with my creative team, the illustrators and the tech team, we finally locked in the first pack!

“I really hope you like them and we are already working on the second set to update! We’ve got more beauty tools and food (like peaches & cream and beignets!) and special holiday updates, too!

“Download them here and if there are any emojis you want to see that we haven’t done yet, Tweet me!!!”

That said, a few days ago, she debuted a new controversial Kimoji of a candle featuring her as the Virgin Mary.


Her post about the new Kimoji on Twitter is presently causing a stir, especially among Christians, with some viewing it as distasteful and blasphemous. The following are some of the responses to Kanye West’s wife’s post in relation to this.

Salvin Salim‏ @Salvin_Salim Apr 20

“It’s not just a candle, it’s the Virgin Mary. You have to understand that this is very sacred to many people.

“Marlene Ochoa‏ @marlenebug Apr 20

“So you get mad when ppl disrespect Arminians & their history but you can blatantly disrespect Catholics…? #smh #whatisyoudoing

“αmαndα αrmijo – @ziabbyy Apr 20

“these ‘candles’ are used for prayer for the catholic religion. That’s why it’s disrespectful to many.

“I Rodz‏ @nenita007 Apr 20

“No, Kim! NO! This is NOT ok! What’s next, Kanye on a cross? (I better not give you ideas!) Stay in your lane.”

The following is one of the Instagram comments about the Kimoji on the app’s account page.

pascibakos: #unfollowkim #boycottkimoji report her post and unfollow her. She does not deserve the support of anybody- she has disrespected all Christians!”

In countries such as New Zealand, there are blasphemy laws that work against related actions. The following is an excerpt from Blasphemy New Zealand outlining this.

“In June 2015, the New Zealand parliament, in a retrograde step, and with no justification, created a new crime of denigration of religion with punishments greater than those that previously applied for blasphemous libel under the Crimes Act 1961… People in New Zealand can now face up to two years in prison if any individual feels offended by an electronic communication, perhaps just a few words on a website!”

As such, Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, would have faced significant legal problems if she were residing in a country with ferocious blasphemy laws such as New Zealand.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper’s Bazaar]