Melania Trump ‘Bored,’ ‘Disinterested’ In First Lady Role, According To ‘Vanity Fair’

According to a new profile of the first lady Melania Trump by Vanity Fair magazine’s Evgenia Peretz, sources close to the former Slovenian model say she is “bored” and “disinterested” with her role as first lady. Multiple sources reportedly told Peretz that Melania feels she is being forced to change her life, goals, and aspirations to serve the personal political ambitions of her husband.

“She never wanted this, and never had any interest,” a source reportedly told Peretz.

Melania, according to sources close to the family, is unlike Ivanka Trump, who relishes her role as first daughter and has an “intense personal will to power.” Melania, by all appearances, is wholly disinterested in politics and has put up a passive resistance to pressure to move to Washington, relying on the excuse that she has to stay in New York City so that her son Barron can finish his school year.


However, sources allegedly close to Melania claimed that she was never interested in relocating to Washington, D.C., to join her husband in the White House. Vanity Fair reported that some sources, including parents at Barron’s school in New York, said that as Election Day approached, Melania appeared to feel increasingly petrified of the possibility that her husband might win the election. She looked “thin, tired and sad,” the sources said.

“Melania seemed to do her best to ignore the new reality, on the grounds that she wanted to be home for Barron,” Vanity Fair’s Peretz wrote.

Claims that Melania, 46, is unhappy and actually “miserable” about having to play the role of the first lady of the United States have been making the rounds since Trump was sworn in as president and moved into the White House. Other sources noted that her disinterest in her husband’s political career was already evident during the campaign period.

Melania rarely appeared on the campaign trail.

“Over the course of Trump’s 17-month campaign, she rarely joined her husband at rallies, and the speeches she gave could be counted on one hand.”

A report by Us Weekly last February claimed that Melania was “unhappy with how her life ended up.”

“She is miserable,” a family source reportedly said. “This life was not her dream it was Donald’s.”

But other White House sources tried to counter the claims.

“She is very happy with her life and supporting her husband and family,” a source said, according to Us Weekly.

“Don’t let her smile in those photos fool you. She hates this.”


Rumors and speculation that Melania is unhappy about having to change her life on account of Trump’s personal political ambitions sparked the #FreeMelania hashtag on Twitter, which portrayed the 46-year-old as a damsel in distress, held hostage like Rapunzel by her domineering husband in his Trump Tower penthouse.

Twitter lit up with the #FreeMelania hashtag last February after footage and images emerged on social media showing Melania watching the Super Bowl championship game inside a ballroom at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. Many viewers claimed that Melania appeared disinterested and withdrawn and that she stared blankly into space while her husband conversed with the White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Some viewers described the bored, distant, sullen and disinterested expression on her face as the face of America under Trump’s tyranny.

Similarly, a video taken during Trump’s inaugural ceremony in January that appeared to show the smile on her face turn into a cold, sullen stare immediately as Trump looked away, after turning around to pass a comment, sparked excited speculation on social media.


Melania’s discomfort with playing the role of the first lady is also demonstrated by her apparent lack of enthusiasm to promote a pet project or agenda like most previous first ladies, critics claim. Vanity Fair reports that Melania’s friends said that unlike most wives of Manhattan’s wealthy elite, Melania is not known to be devoted to any charity.

“She was passionate about… Well, I can’t think what she was passionate about,” Lisa Bytner, an old friend of Melania’s told Vanity Fair.

Sources close to the family said Melania appears to have no interests outside caring for her son Barron and enjoying a life of ease in her luxury Manhattan home where she has plenty of leisure to indulge in her favorite activities, such as reading fashion magazines, secure in the “promise that she would never have to return to drab Eastern-European prospects.”

Melania’s apparent lack of interest in the role of first lady sparked rumors in December that Ivanka Trump might serve as first lady in her place. But Ivanka moved quickly to counter the rumors, saying that there were plenty of other roles that a woman could play in the White House besides the role of the first lady.


However, Melania might have others reasons to want to stay out of the limelight and deflect attention from herself. She has come under attack and criticism for posing nude in magazines and some have described her uncharitably as a “trophy wife.” There have also been salacious rumors and speculation about her life as an immigrant before she married Trump.

Many snickered when she said last November that her pet cause as first lady would be fighting against cyber-bullying. Critics wondered whether her statement was a veiled jab at her husband or whether she was so buffered from reality that she did not realize her husband was possibly America’s chief cyberbully.

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