Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs iPhone 8: Which Device Will Dominate Late 2017 In Design And Specs?

Lately, we’ve been hearing about the specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 8, and some have noticed some similarities between them. When these two come out, there’s no doubt that mobile enthusiasts will be hard-pressed to choose the better device. Let’s look at their early design and specs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs iPhone 8: Design

Both devices are going to use a curved display, reports say. The Galaxy Note 8 will likely borrow design elements from its cousin Galaxy S8. The Infinity Display with a curved screen, little to no bezels, and without the physical home button will quite possibly appear on the phablet, too.


The rear is where most changes will occur. Instead of a single lens, the Galaxy Note 8 will have a dual camera. It is unknown at this time whether the fingerprint scanner will be on its original bad position beside the camera, but if Samsung manages to embed the sensor on the display, the Korean company will no longer be forced to place the scanner at the back.

The iPhone 8, on the other hand, will not look much different at the front. We previously reported on Inquisitr the leaked schematics and renders of the Apple handset, which revealed that the fingerprint scanner would be placed at the back also. This hints that the physical home button will also be removed for a bezel-less display. However, the curve will not be as drastic as that of the Note 8.


The rear will be 100 percent Apple. It will also have dual camera but not like that of the iPhone 7 Plus. It will be vertically placed on the top left corner, the spot of the cameras on the iPhone 6, 6S, and 7. The Apple logo is in its usual spot position, and the fingerprint scanner will be placed below it.

The one thing that makes the iPhone 8 different from its predecessors regarding design is its casing. The 10th anniversary iPhone will have an aluminum chassis with more pronounced corners unlike the curvy frame of the current Apple flagships.

Conclusion: The designs of both devices are not unlike everything we’ve seen before, so neither the Galaxy Note 8 nor the iPhone 8 stands out.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs iPhone 8: Specs, Features

ValueWalk reports that the Galaxy Note 8 will have the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 up its sleeves. It should also come with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. Its battery will be at 4,000 mAh, which should be able to pump more juice. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t simultaneously explode, though.

The iPhone 8 will then have the next-generation A11 chip, which will undoubtedly pose a challenge to Qualcomm’s latest chip. The A10 successor will be built on a 10nm FinFET process that will allow for better power efficiency and smoother experience.

The iris scanner function of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is displayed
[Image by Mark Lennihan/AP Images]

While we’ll most likely see the iris scanner and the facial recognition software, which was introduced in the Galaxy S8, on the Galaxy Note 8, it looks like we’ll see these features on the iPhone 8 as well, according to Mac Rumors. There are also talks of a true wireless charging feature on Apple’s next flagship but only if the technology is completed before it is released.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also have the S Pen, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a USB-C port. The iPhone 8 will have a Lightning port; that’s it.

Conclusion: It’s hard to tell which one will perform better at this point, but the Galaxy Note 8 already has the advantage of having a headphone jack and USB-C port.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 Release Date

Reports peg both devices to be released in the fourth quarter of the year, so we can expect quite a long wait for both handsets. In the meantime, Samsung fans can check out the recently launched Galaxy S8 while Apple enthusiasts can watch out for the reveal of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus successors.

[Featured Image by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images]