Jeffree Star Calls Out Too Faced Founder For Shading Tarte, ‘Taking Advantage’ Of NikkieTutorials

Jeffree Star is not letting the founder of Too Faced Cosmetics, Jerrod Blandino, get away with shading Tarte Cosmetics. Fans who follow Jeffree Star on Snapchat and Twitter saw the makeup mogul call out Jerrod for claiming that Too Faced started the whole unicorn makeup craze. He also revealed that Too Faced “took advantage” of NikkieTutorials.

Jeffree Star has always been very outspoken. (Remember when he slammed Kylie Jenner for her “unacceptable” lip gloss wands?) Over the weekend, Jeffree went on a four-minute Snapchat rant about Too Faced’s Jerrod Blandino. But before going into specifics, Jeffree prefaced the post by saying that he’s posting this as someone who has been buying makeup for a really long time and is a fan of the brand Too Faced.

While scrolling through Instagram, Jeffree saw that Jerrod posted a photo of Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears, with the hashtag, #therearentunicornsintheamazon. This was clearly a dig at Tarte Cosmetics, given that the brand has a popular Amazonian Clay line, from foundations to blushes to highlighters. In the same post, Jerrod also announced that Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears is the no. 1 best-selling lipstick in all of Ulta.

“I’ll tell you what the problem here is: Who’s that insecure that they have to post something that shady about another brand?”

The beauty guru also pointed out that Jerrrod did not even credit Chloe Morello for using her photo.

Jerrod Blandino eventually took down the photo. According to Jeffree Star, the Too Faced founder deleted the shady pic only 10 minutes later after getting hundreds of hate comments.

“I’m over here scratching my head as a makeup lover and as a makeup fan. You’re shading another brand, so petty and gross. It wasn’t creative. B**ch it sucked. But I guess he sold his brand to Estee Lauder, which is great, congratulations. You have so much money now it’s clouding your f**king judgment, fool. Wake the f**k up!” he said.

Jeffree Star also called Jerrod Blandino “delusional” and “dumb” to think that Too Faced invented unicorn makeup. Even though he “literally despise[s]” the owner of Lime Crime, Jeffree pointed out that it was them who started unicorn lipsticks seven years ago. (When you go on Lime Crime’s official website, it actually says that brand launched their Unicorn Lipsticks, “a radical range of lip colors with a sparkling unicorn on the packaging” in 2009.)

“I don’t care who did unicorn what, where. I have a Unicorn Blood lipstick. Should I start suing? Girl, spare me. It’s makeup. At the end of the day, makeup is about creativity and inspiring others, having fun with art and creating. Let’s go back to that.”

Just when everyone thought Jeffree Star was done with the rant, he goes on about the collaboration between Too Faced and NikkieTutorials. Without giving away specifics, Jeffree said that Nikkie’s fans would “f**king scream” if they found out about her contract. He added that Too Faced “took advantage of an innocent girl” and paid her almost nothing for The Power of Makeup collab. However, given that it was confidential information, Jeffree said that Too Faced probably had Nikkie sign several contracts that she’s never allowed to speak of what happened.

Sanders Kennedy, who has a drama channel on YouTube, said that NikkieTutorials was paid $40,000-$60,000 for her The Power of Makeup palette with Too Faced. Kennedy said that this information came from a “very reliable” source.

“Nikkie only made $40,000-$60,000 off the collab with Too Faced. She sold a [sic] 150,000 units and it took them nine months to pay her when they said it’s only gonna take six months. And within those nine months, she couldn’t work with any other company. Also, they were supposed to come out with another batch of this palettes but they didn’t end up doing that,” Kennedy said.

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]