NFL Rumors: Could Myles Garrett Land In The Chicago Bears’ Laps?

A dream scenario could happen for the Chicago Bears in the upcoming NFL draft. Given all of the NFL rumors out, there is a possibility Myles Garrett could fall to the Bears in next week’s draft. If Myles Garrett were to land with the Chicago Bears, it would signal that two quarterbacks were selected before the Bears wind up on the clock.

Myles Garrett to the Chicago Bears sounds like a fantasy at the moment, but the NFL draft is an unpredictable time. NFL teams and agents create a buzz and smokescreens for certain players.

Just because NFL draft gurus do not see any of the quarterback prospects worthy of a top 10 selection, teams go by need. There are at least seven teams that are interested in adding a quarterback in the NFL draft. The list does not include the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers, according to a USA Today report, had offensive coordinator Todd Haley at Notre Dame’s pro-day to see quarterback DeShone Kizer. The Steelers also have taken a look at Texas Tech QB Pat Mahomes.


No one expects the Pittsburgh Steelers to trade up into the top five of the NFL draft to take a quarterback. The Steelers are doing their due diligence because they know that Ben Rothlisberger is not going to play forever. It is likely that the Steelers’ interest in a passer could cause another team to trade up.


One team that will not trade their pick are the Cleveland Browns, which has the top overall pick. Any discussions about Myles Garrett sliding in the NFL would be put to rest if the Browns take him at No. 1.

Browns head coach Hue Jackson made some comments in January about addressing the quarterback position (courtesy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer) in this year’s draft.

“We all a know a quarterback is very important to our football team. But is he the best player? We’ve got to find that out. We need to put one on our team. We’re going to find one. I promise you guys that. We’re going to do that. I think that’s imperative. I think we all know that, and that’s what we’re going to accomplish.”

What does that mean for Myles Garrett? Well, if the Browns get an inkling that the quarterback they would like to select with their second first-round pick, No. 12, they will gamble and take one with the top overall pick. According to Pro Football Talk, there is still a debate going on with the Browns and whether they should take Garrett or quarterback Mitch Trubisky. The Browns are rumored to truly like Trubisky.


This is the scenario that creates a potential fall for Myles Garrett, as one of the top passers would be off the board faster than expected. That could work to the Bears’ advantage.

The Chicago Bears’ pick third, and barring a trade, could go in a couple of different ways.

Taking the best player available is one potential strategy the Bears could employ. If that happens and Myles Garrett is still available, the Bears will grab him.

Another possibility is for a team to reach out to the Bears looking for a trade of the No. 3 pick. Myles Garrett is the top player on most teams’ draft boards, the Chicago Bears included. Few teams would have the ammunition to trade up for the Texas A&M defensive end, as the majority of the teams pursuing a trade in the top five will do so with a quarterback in mind.


Imagine being Bears general manager Ryan Pace if the possibility of selecting Myles Garrett arises. The elation would be present, and Pace would be confronted with a huge decision — draft Myles Garrett or take one of the top passers left, namely DeShone Kizer or Pat Mahomes. It is difficult to picture the Bears adding a safety or cornerback with the No. 3 pick if Garrett is there. That option would be brushed aside and addressed later.

If the Bears have a chance of drafting Myles Garrett, it may also signal that a trade back into the first round could take place. Garrett would be a luxury pick for the Bears. The Bears do not have as strong of a need for a defensive lineman in comparison to secondary help and a quarterback. However, it would be difficult for the Bears to ignore Garrett if he is available while they are on the clock.

There is a small possibility that Myles Garrett will still be on the board when the Chicago Bears pick at No. 3 in the upcoming NFL draft. There are some NFL rumors regarding teams having an interest in the small crop of available quarterbacks. A team could trade into the top five, perhaps at No. 2, in an effort to grab a quarterback. That could leave the Chicago Bears in the position to take the best player on everyone’s board. Despite having more pressing needs at other positions, it would be tough for the Bears to resist.

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