‘Most Haunted’ Crew Claims To Have Caught Ghost On Tape For First Time In Show’s History [Video]

The folks behind the TV show Most Haunted say that they have finally captured an image of a ghost on tape. If true, the groundbreaking evidence of life beyond death would be a first in the show’s history, and according to host Yvette Fielding, Most Haunted’s most “ground-breaking” footage to date left her “sobbing” and “gobsmacked.”

If the Most Hauntedghost on tape is what the paranormal investigator that make up the crew claim it is, it could literally change the face of paranormal investigating — both on TV and otherwise.

As Daily Mail reports, the video of what the Most Haunted crew calls a “ghost caught on tape” was recorded in the United Kingdom, specifically at the infamous Wentworth House, in South Yorkshire. The apparently haunted location is a 17th century mansion complete with stables, and it has played host to “dozens” of paranormal and ghostly sightings.

The Wentworth House’s stable block was the location of Most Haunted’s ghost caught on tape, according to the show’s host and crew. Take a look at what the Most Haunted team captured on camera.

The clip above features what appears to be a large male apparition stepping through a doorway and walking down a dark, creepy hall. To make the apparent ghost on tape even more spooky, just seconds before the haunting specter was caught on camera, it appeared to be summoned by a member of the Most Haunted team. That crew member called out to the spirit(s) at the house, inviting any otherworldly entities in the vicinity to make themselves known, just moments after hearing inexplicable footsteps.

“If you’re here, walk up this corridor.”

Immediately after Most Haunted team member’s words, a large, white figure shambles through the doorway. Conveniently, it’s the very same doorway that the crew’s camera was facing. What’s even more amazing is that the ghostly apparition appears to be visible to both the camera and the naked eyes, as one of the show’s ghost investigators (Stuart) shortly starts chasing the large, pale, masculine shame down the hall.

Ultimately, Stuart came up empty handed, and the Most Haunted’s first ever “ghost” caught on tape simply vanished.

Even so, Most Haunted host Yvette Fielding can’t say enough about the specter caught on camera. According to Fielding, the popular ghost hunting show has been on the air for 17 years — far longer than many of its contemporaries — and this is the very first time that the crew has managed to capture a full body apparition on tape.

“In the 17 years we’ve been doing Most Haunted we’ve always wanted to capture a ghost on camera. We’ve caught so many different kinds of phenomena: objects moving on their own, voices. But this is the first time that we’ve caught a man walking — in what appears to be slow motion up some stairs.”

What’s more, Most Haunted’s host claims that she saw the “ghost” from a completely different angle than was caught on tape, lending credence to the idea that it was really there.

“I was walking towards the stairs from a different direction and along with another crew member I saw the dark shape of a man walking up the stairs. When I saw the footage at the end I knew we had caught something. But I wasn’t sure we had got it on camera. It was only when we edited it that I saw it and I burst into tears.”

While the Most Haunted cast and crew are stoked about their apparent ghost caught on tape, the social media opinions about the figure are decidedly mixed. According to at least one observant viewer on the Daily Mail site, GMC_USN_Retired, there was something fishy about the “ghost’s” attire.

“Funny how the ‘ghost’ appears to be dressed the same as ‘crew member Stuart.'”

Other Most Haunted fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the “game-changing ghost.”

What do you think? Did the Most Haunted team finally capture a ghost on tape, or is this just one more case of reality TV ghost hunters trying to pull one over on viewers?

[Featured Image by Daniel Brigginshaw/Shutterstock]