With New Poll Showing Bernie Sanders Is The Most Popular Politician In America, Could He Be President In 2020?

Kristine Moore

A new Harvard-Harris survey shows what many Democrats already know, and that is that Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the United States. In the poll, 60 percent of American citizens have favorable views of the senator. However, when looking at specific segments of voters, such as Democrats, the poll shows him much higher at 80 percent. Additionally, 68 percent of Hispanic voters who are registered viewed Bernie Sanders in favorable terms, as did 73 percent of registered black voters. Bernie has the highest popularity votes from those age 18 to 34, as well those who are over age 50.

The new poll shows that no other American politician is viewed quite as well as Bernie Sanders. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren scored well, but she only managed to get a 38 percent approval rating in the same survey. The latest Harvard-Harris poll isn't anything new in terms of Bernie's popularity though. When polls were taken in the latter half of 2016, Bernie Sanders was also the most popular politician surveyed and earned extremely high approval from 50 percent of the electorate.

Rough day for Identity Politics Hillbros @BLUpfront pic.twitter.com/RgMd9EoLBm

— Wade Turnbull (@Wade_Turnbull) April 19, 2017

"In losing to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders has floated above today's partisan politics while Bannon has, rightly or wrongly, taken the blame for the administration's failures. It is symptomatic of the Democrats increasingly consolidating to the left while the Republicans are fractured and unable to come together. Sanders is an asset to the Democrats while Bannon is a liability to the administration."

If the new Harvard-Harris poll is anything to go by, Bernie Sanders would fare much better as the Democratic contender than Hillary Clinton. Last year Hillary had a 44 percent approval rating, but today she has a mere 42 percent approval rating, with 53 percent of those surveyed viewing her in a negative light.

Despite a few mainstream Democrats viewing Bernie Sanders in a wary light, the fact remains that he is the most popular out of all American politicians right now, and he is much more likely to win the next U.S. presidential election than Hillary Clinton or any other Democratic contender. To illustrate this, when DNC Chairman Tom Perez was recently on a tour with Bernie Sanders to try and bring together mainstream Democrats with those who are more left-leaning, Perez was loudly booed in Maine while Sanders was cheered, as the Inquisitr reported.

The dramatic differences between Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez were shown when there was an interview on MSNBC and Sanders once again called for a single-payer healthcare system so that there could be healthcare for all in America. When Chris Hayes asked Perez what his views were on the subject and whether he and the Democratic Party approved of Bernie's single-payer healthcare plan, Perez wasn't able to answer and chose instead to talk about the Affordable Care Act and why he believed in its merits.

With the latest poll showing again that Bernie is the most popular politician in the United States, do you think it makes sense for the Democratic Party to finally embrace Bernie Sanders as their candidate of choice if he were to run for the 2020 U.S. presidential election?

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