‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: After Getting Engaged To Bill, Brooke Regrets Ditching Ridge?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are in for quite a treat this week as spoilers promise more intrigue, romance, and possible heartache. Last week, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) surprised Bill (Don Diamont) by proposing. It looks like the two are headed for married bliss, but The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) will attempt to get Brooke back before she becomes Mrs. Dollar Bill.

Here’s what spoilers say could happen with Brooke, Bill, and Ridge in The Bold and the Beautiful in the coming weeks.

Brooke and Bill are engaged

The Bold and the Beautiful capped off the previous week with Brooke and Bill spending a steamy night together. The two professed their love for each other, with Bill saying that he would have waited for Brooke forever after she marveled at how he waited in the sidelines during her engagement to Ridge. She said that she doesn’t think she deserves him, but Bill replied that she’s worth any pain he has to bear.

“I knew that you would come back to me and we would end up together.”

Pleased and deeply enamored (again) with her former beau, Brooke prepared a surprise for Bill. After making Bill wait a bit as she got ready, she wowed her man by showing up in a sexy dress made of cash, getting her engagement ring out, and proposing. Bill put the ring back on her finger and they sealed their reignited love with a passionate kiss.

These two may have resumed their romance, but will it be happily ever after this time?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soaps SheKnows say that in the coming week, Bill will be grateful to have Brooke back, but will nonetheless be curious as to why she ended her engagement to Ridge. Will the fact that she ditched Ridge so quickly give him pause? Will he worry that she’s only using him as a rebound and it’s really Ridge she wants?

Ridge’s last-ditch effort melts Brooke’s heart?

Last week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Katie (Heather Tom) ranted about Ridge’s affair with Quinn (Rena Sofer) and said that he’s always sabotaging himself. He tried to explain that whatever transpired between him and his stepmother is over and that Brooke is the one he loves.

“There’s one woman in my life and that’s Brooke… and I’m gonna get her back.”

Katie tried to shoot down the possibility that Brooke will forgive him, but spoilers tease that she could be wrong. Is there a chance Brooke will see that Ridge truly loves her? And will she take him back?


The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that during the May sweeps, Brooke will be moved by Ridge’s declaration that he will fight to have her back even though she’s already engaged to Bill. However, it’s still unclear if Ridge is fighting for his and Brooke’s love or if he wants her back for some other reason.

Spoilers suggest that Ridge thinks pushing through with the wedding will fix everything. It will make his father happy and maybe finally put an end to his attraction to Quinn. It could also stop Katie from blackmailing Quinn and him.

According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, another possible reason is that he now wants Brooke because she’s with Bill. Whereas he was more interested in his stepmother when he was engaged to her, now that she’s no longer available, he finds her more irresistible. This could have also been the reason for his attraction to Quinn. Perhaps he only wants her because she’s married to Eric (John McCook).

But what could possibly propel Brooke to choose Ridge over Bill, who has been pining for her all this time? Maybe she will realize that Ridge is her one true love and Bill is just a rebound. If this is how this Bold and the Beautiful storyline plays out, it would pave the way for a major conflict between Bill and Ridge. It will also turn the tables on Katie, who will lose her position of power over Quinn.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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