World War 3: Honorary Delegate Alleges North Korea Could ‘Finish’ The World With 3 Bombs

As fears over a possible World War 3 continue to grow, an honorary delegate is now alleging that North Korea could supposedly “finish” the world with just three bombs.

According to a new report by Mail Online, Alejandro Cao de Benós, who claims to be an honorary special delegate for the DRPK’s Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, claimed that if North Korea decided to attack the whole world could be “finished” with just three nuclear bombs as war fears grow following President Donald Trump’s recent military action.

The site reported that Benós made the as-yet-unverified claims while speaking to the Spanish website Infobae as citizens around the world continue to watch tensions between the secretive state and the U.S. continue to grow.

“No one is going to touch Korea,” he claimed in the interview according to the site, who translated the delegate’s interview with the Spanish news outlet. “If it is touched the people will defend it with guns and missiles. We have the thermonuclear bomb.”


“With three of those the world is finished,” the honorary delegate then said amid growing fears over World War 3.

Though there’s as yet no proof to Benós’s claims, his assertions come just days after a nuclear war expert alleged that if World War 3 did break out that almost everyone in the world would be in danger of dying.

Nuclear war expert Greg Mello issued a pretty chilling warning when discussing the possibility of World War 3 earlier this week, claiming that only a few people in the southern hemisphere would stand a chance of surviving if nuclear war broke out.

Mello, the executive director of Los Alamos Study Group, claimed that “everybody in the world would die” per Daily Star. “Some people in the southern hemisphere might survive, but probably not even them,” he said.

“Even a couple of nuclear weapons could end the United States as a government and an economy,” Mello continued when discussing the possibility of World War 3, adding that he didn’t believe it would take much to devastate western society, which he described as being “fragile.”

World War 3: North Korea Delegate Claims World Could Be 'Finished' With 3 Bombs
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“It wouldn’t take a great deal to destroy the ‘just in time’ supply chains, the financial markets and the internet,” the expert claimed when discussing a potential World War 3 with Global Research.

“It means the collapse of very fragile electronic, financial, governmental, administrative systems that keep everyone alive.”

The latest reports come after Express claimed that World War 3 has actually been predicted by a mystic to start as soon as next month.

The site reported that mystic Horacio Villegas has predicted that World War 3 could break out on May 13, 2017 and will end five months later on October 13, 2017.

“This war will occur and be over with much devastation, shock and death,” Villegas recently warned.

World War 3: 'Honorary North Korea Delegate' Claims World Could Be 'Finished' With 3 Bombs
[Image by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images]

While there’s no proof as yet that the mystic’s World War 3 predictions will come to fruition, Daily Star reported that Villegas supposedly correctly predicted Donald Trump’s presidency as early as 2015.

As citizens continue to worry about the possibility of World War 3, AOL reported earlier this month that internet users have been taking to Google to search the term “World War III” in their droves.

The outlet reported that President Trump’s recent military action caused the recent spike in search terms with Google searches peaking earlier this month on April 7.

AOL noted that the last time Google saw such a spike in users searching for more information about a possible World War 3 came back in 2015 after the devastating Paris terror attacks that shook France and the rest of the world.

What do you think of the latest claims about a possible World War 3 as tensions continue to grow around the world?

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