WWE Rumors: Matt And Jeff Hardy To Become ‘Broken’ In The WWE Universe

When Matt and Jeff Hardy signed on and returned to the WWE, many fans of the Hardy Boyz wondered if they would bring their “Broken” gimmick with them. However, when the Hardy Boyz arrived at WrestleMania 33, Jeff and Matt were simply Team Xtreme once again and there were only small glimmers of the “Broken” gimmick, mostly from the expressions and mannerisms of Matt Hardy and the fans chanting “delete.”

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WWE is working on a deal to bring the “Broken Matt” gimmick into the storylines and it all comes down to making a deal with Impact Wrestling and Anthem Sports & Entertainment.

According to the report, the WWE believes that the “Broken Matt” gimmick could be a huge merchandise seller for the company. However, everything is on hold right now because the WWE has to reach the agreement with Anthem Sports before they can use it. Matt Hardy has claimed that he owns the rights to the “Broken Matt” gimmick, but Anthem Sports has fought those claims and said that Impact Wrestling owns the rights to the gimmick.

WWE Rumors: Matt and Jeff Hardy To Become 'Broken' In The WWE Universe

Interestingly, the idea was not something that Vince McMahon wanted to use. Sportskeeda reported that McMahon was not a fan of the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick and he was actually more interested in bringing back Jeff Hardy than Matt Hardy. However, there are many writers on staff for the WWE who love the Broken Matt gimmick and have fought for it.

What it looks like Vince McMahon and the WWE want to do is to bring in the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick and possibly position Matt for a feud with Bray Wyatt on Monday Night Raw. The biggest plans are for Jeff Hardy, who Vince reportedly believes has another big single’s run in him.

The best news for Jeff Hardy and the WWE is that he can finally travel internationally again. Jeff was arrested a few years back and faced drug charges. As a result, he was not permitted to travel internationally, so when Impact Wrestling went overseas, they had to work injury angles and more to explain his absence.

Jeff and Matt Hardy both are set up for the upcoming WWE international tour and it turns out that the international travel ban against Jeff Hardy was only for five years and that has now expired. With Jeff Hardy free of the former legal restraints, the only thing that is holding him back is the fact he has a 39-year-old body that has taken a tremendous beating over the years.

WWE Rumors: Matt and Jeff Hardy To Become 'Broken' In The WWE Universe
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According to reports, Vince McMahon sees Jeff Hardy as a main event talent. There might be no plans to put the Universal Championship on Jeff, but there is still a desire by the WWE to have him fighting some of the biggest names in the company, including possibly Brock Lesnar.

When Jeff Hardy left the WWE back in 2009, he ranked second only to John Cena in merchandise sales. As Roman Reigns major push has proven, merchandise sales go a long way in determining who the WWE pushes now. Reigns ranks second only to John Cena and is the number one merchandise mover for all active wrestlers.

At the moment, Matt and Jeff Hardy are the Monday Night Raw tag team champions and that is where they will remain until the deal with Anthem Sports and the “Broken Matt” gimmick is resolved. If the WWE does gain the rights, Matt Hardy will likely launch the gimmick and Jeff Hardy will move on to a single’s push.

The WWE fans are still chanting “delete” all the time, even when the Hardy Boyz are not in the ring, and it looks like Broken Matt Hardy could be huge if the WWE pulls the trigger. At their age, this could be the last go for the Matt and Jeff Hardy in the WWE and could push them to tremendous heights if that interest pays off in merchandise sales for the WWE.

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