Jill Kelley Defends Herself, Hires A Lawyer

Tampa, FL – After mostly silence, Jill Kelley is defending herself and saying that there was nothing wrong with making a few General friends.

Kelley is a Miami socialite linked to former CIA Director David Petraeus’s resignation and affair scandal, though why she keeps coming up in the press and investigation is not entirely clear.

Abbe Lowell, Kelley’s attorney, says that the federal government is responsible for leaking information about his client even though she wasn’t affiliated with the scandal. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Lowell “released emails, telephone recordings and other material that he and Kelley say proves she never tried to exploit her friendship with Petraeus.”

In a letter addressed to W. Stephen Muldrow, the assistant US Attorney in Tampa, Lowell also questions why Kelley and her husband, Dr. Scott Kelley, were named in the investigation, reports The Christian Post.

“You no doubt have seen the tremendous attention that the Kelleys have received in the media,” Lowell wrote. “All they did to receive this attention was to let law enforcement know that they had been the subjects of inappropriate and potentially threatening behavior by someone else.”

Lowell also alleged that the government leaked the damning information in question:

“These leaks most certainly had to come, at least in part, from government sources,” Lowell added. “The earliest and best example of the leaks would be the release to the media of the names of my clients. As you know, there are several rules and laws that seek to protect United States citizens against such leaks.”

The Kelleys became friends with Petraeus and General John Allen while they were serving at the US Central Command in Miami. Email correspondence between Jill Kelley and General Allen were brought forth in the investigation, with some alleging that the tone of the messages was “flirtatious.” That rumor has since been denied.

Still, the leak caused Kelley to lose her title of honorary consul for the South Korean government.

While Jill Kelley defends herself, we want to know what you think. Is there more to this story than meets the eye?