How Much Khloe Kardashian Reportedly Spends In A Week Is Pretty Shocking

Emily Hutchinson

Khloe Kardashian is reportedly in danger of "going broke" after dropping serious amounts of money on dating basketball star Tristan Thompson.

According to recent reports, Khloe has been blowing thousands of dollars a week on her boyfriend of around seven months and has supposedly been rapidly making her way through her millions and bringing down her net worth.

Sources alleged to Radar Online this week that Kardashian feels as though she needs to keep spending now that she's found love with Tristan and has allegedly been making her way through $50,000 a week just on luxuries including private jets to visit her boyfriend in Cleveland, Ohio, where he lives and plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The outlet's inside source claimed that Khloe "feels like she needs to drop big bucks" on her man after the two went public with their romance last summer and has supposedly been spending her millions on "fancy jewelry, ritzy dinners and a bottomless supply of booze."

"If she keeps this up, she'll go broke," an insider said of how much Khloe has reportedly been spending since she and Thompson began dating last year, claiming that Thompson doesn't seem to be as willing to fork out and spend his money when it comes to his increasingly serious relationship with Kardashian.

Despite Thompson earning millions of dollars of his own as one of the Cleveland Cavaliers most famous players, the source told the site that Tristan is way more careful with his money than Khloe.

"Tristan makes way more than she does," the site reported of Tristan's basketball pay check and net worth of millions of dollars, "but he never spends a dime."

"It's completely lopsided," the outlet added of Khloe's spending habits.

Though Kardashian hasn't commented on reports claiming she's dropping serious amounts cash on her new boyfriend and could be in danger of seeing her net worth plummet, this isn't the first time it's been alleged that Khloe has been spending serious amount of money to keep her relationship alive.

Khloe Kardashian was first reporting to be spending serious money and splashing the cash on Tristan Thompson last year, as the outlet reported back in October that Kardashian had allegedly been spending thousands on her boyfriend, despite the twosome having only dated for a matter of weeks at the time.

Reporting that Kardashian had been spending serious amounts of money on "everything from private jets and extravagant getaways to lavish gifts" for Thompson last year, the site noted that Khloe's friends and family had supposedly warned her to be a little more careful when it comes to her spending habits.

"[Kardashian] has to be much more careful and blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars on luxuries like $1,500 bottles of champagne," an insider said, noting that the amount of money the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star had been spending and the rate she's been blowing through her net worth on her new relationship "is crazy no matter who you are."

"Khloe wants to prove she's an independent woman who can keep up with him and treat him well, but it could well prove her undoing," the site's Kardashian insider continued of Khloe's supposed money woes. "At this rate everything she's saved is going to be gone before she knows it."

Khloe has not yet responded to the claims her recent spending sprees could be about to catch up to her, though Kardashian has made no secret of the fact that she and Tristan are very much loved up right now and could even be heading down the aisle.

While Kardashian has gushed over her boyfriend in numerous interviews in recent months, Entertainment Tonight reported last month that the couple's relationship is getting increasingly serious and could be heading towards marriage sooner rather than later.

Revealing that a wedding could be in the works in the not too distant future, the outlet reported that Kardashian and Thompson "are doing so great and have an incredible relationship" while even teasing in March that a wedding and an engagement could be coming as soon as this summer with kids following shortly after.

"Khloe is dying to have kids," said the Kardashian source amid the money reports. "Khloe sees how close in age Kim, Kourtney and Kardashian's children are and she wants the same."

What do you think of reports claiming Khloe Kardashian has been spending serious amounts of money on dating boyfriend Tristan Thompson?

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