September 27, 2016
‘Outlander’s Sam Heughan Talks More Barbour To Save 'Next James Bond' Role?

Scottish actor Sam Heughan, who is currently stealing hearts as Outlander's Jamie Fraser, is known to be social media savvy. Apparently, his smarts in technology could cost him his role as the next James Bond. But looks like he was saved by Barbour! Or perhaps, it too early to tell.

A couple of days ago, the Outlander actor was interviewed by Elle magazine at Barbour store in New York. Strangely, Sam Heughan spoke more of Barbour, less of Outlander, and nothing at all about James Bond. This seems a bit strange because many believe that Sam Heughan has been shortlisted for the iconic 007 role.

Either it's a odd coincidence that Sam Heughan never shed light on James Bond, or the Outlander heartthrob is deliberately trying to cover up the fact that he is the next James Bond.

Considering that the fate of the next James Bond lies in the hands of Barbara Broccoli, it is evident that she likes her spy to be the quiet sorts, without much media attention.
This throws many contenders off the list, including British actors Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston, Theo James, Man of Steel fame Henry Cavill, and even Mad Men heartthrob Jon Hamm. No doubt these men are highly talented and immensely popular, but Barbara Broccoli who gets to choose the new James Bond doesn't seem to want someone who already has captured a million hearts.
According to the Telegraph, when Broccoli was looking out for James Bond for Casino Royale, she first spotted Daniel Craig in the BBC series Our Friends in the North.

"He was an extremely well-respected and highly-regarded actor, who had until then managed to retain his anonymity, and he knew that anyone taking on this role is going to have to give up a lot of their privacy. Daniel's highly intelligent, very intuitive, and has great insight into dramatic structure. He's given the character a whole new dimension," explained Broccoli, who started worked on the franchise since she was 17.

Unfortunately, Outlander star Sam Heughan may not have maintained the anonymity that scaled Daniel Craig to great heights.

On July 14, Sam Heughan put up a post on his official Facebook page, announcing that he has been chosen as the global ambassador for Barbour.

"Been so excited about this and great to finally be able to share that I'm @Barbour first Global Brand Ambassador! Thrilled to be working with such an iconic brand. Happy to join the extended Barbour family," Sam Heughan said in his Facebook post.

While there is nothing new about endorsing a brand, Sam Heughan representing Barbour does raise a few James Bond questions.

UK-based Barbour sells premium jackets and accessories for men and women, and has a connection with the James Bond movie franchise, said a report by the Inquisitr.

Skyfall in 2012 shows Daniel Craig sporting Barbour's Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket in the exciting Scotland scene. Albert Finney was also seen wearing the Dunmore Gilet from the Barbour Sporting collection in this scene. Barbour, in its official blog, has shared the details.

The Elle interview discussed nothing about James Bond. When asked about the actor's collaboration with Barbour, Sam Heughan said, " The vice chairman of Barbour Helen Barbour and I realized that I come from the same village that her ancestor John Barbour came from, who created Barbour. It just seemed like such a great connection. I grew up in Scotland, and everyone wore Barbour. It's very practical, it's very outdoorsy. It's what the gamekeepers and the fishermen and the farmers would wear."


Director Sam Mendes, who confirmed he is leaving the franchise after working on Skyfall and Spectre, told the Telegraph that the choice of the next Bond is "not a democracy," warning the winning actor will be a wildcard no-one could have predicted.

According to The Inqusitr, the next James Bond will be played by an actor who is currently rocking the television. Outlander's Sam Heughan seems to be the perfect choice.

[Featured Photo by Dennis Van Tine/AP Images]