Alex Jones Custody Battle: Infowars Host ‘Nearly Crying’ During Trial, Only Acting?

Alex Jones was reported to be “nearly crying” during day 4 of his intense custody battle with ex-wife, who accused him of being a bad influence on their children. It makes one wonder if he’s just putting on a show, after his legal defense recently claimed that he’s a “performance artist.”

According to Buzzfeed writer Charlie Warzel, the right-wing Infowars host “choked back tears” during the custody trial, which was attended by average citizens and the media, A.V. CLUB reported. Warzel covered the trial and kept his Twitter audience posted about the highlights of the custody battle on Thursday.

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Warzel described the back and forths as a “really tense scene.” In one instance, Alex was pounded hard by his ex-wife Kelly Jones’ attorneys about having sexual relations with another woman when he was engaged.

“I’ve never seen anything like this, not in TV, not in movies,” Jones commented.

“‘Was that a responsive answer?’ Kelly’s lawyers responded.”

“‘It’s been said in federal court before, ‘have you no decency!'” Jones retorted.

Jones previously admitted that he had sex with another woman before he got married in his deposition. He refuted his earlier claims during the Thursday trial.

In Jones’ defense, Warzel told his followers that the host was no longer explosive and was “more in control after the outburst.” Jones also “pointed out unfair questions,” minus the drama.

The Daily Beast observed that Jones’ ex-wife’s legal defense’s strategy was to attack his “credibility” as a father to his children. The website said the legal team, helmed by Bobby Newman, had “mixed success” in regard to this.

During the cross-examination, Warzel pointed out that the conspiracy theorist appeared as if the fight was no longer in him. “I didn’t ask to be put in this position,” he told the court, Warzel said.

The Daily Beast has questioned Jones’ actions in court, particularly how emotional he was. “It’s unclear that Jones behaved differently than an emotional parent in family court whose words had been twisted and used against him in a way that was misleading,” said Ben Hartman, the writer of the piece and a contributor for The Daily Beast.

“The effect may have been to make Jones more sympathetic in the eyes of some jurors.”

“It’s also undeniable that Jones is a highly talented performer with an extremely expressive face,” Hartman added.

“His facial muscles, eyes, and prodigious forehead appear to always be in movement and he is constantly animated. This works for Infowars, but it might not play in his favor in the courtroom.”

Unfortunately, it seems that Alex Jones has to do a lot more than look “dejected” to gain the general public’s sympathy. Alex’s haters didn’t mind expressing their opinions about the controversial host on Twitter, with one lambasting him for being an “entitled man.”

“Such an entitled man. He thinks criticizing a custody case is worse than harassing people whose kids were murdered,” a lady from Pennsylvania tweeted.

Last week, Jones’ attorney Randall Wilhite told the state district judge that his client’s “on-air persona” does not reflect who he is as a father. “He’s playing a character,” Wilhite was quoted as saying by the Austin American Statesman. “He is a performance artist.”

On the witness stand Thursday, Jones took the opportunity to criticize the media for distorting his and his lawyer’s words, Buzzfeed reported. He said, “I disagree with the media’s interpretation of the term ‘performance art.'”

Brian Rosenwald, a University of Pennsylvania lecturer writing a book on conservative talk radio, remarked that if Jones’ controversial commentaries “are more performance and less impassioned convictions,” it could be damaging not only to his career but also his ego, according to USA Today.

“It’s performance theater,” Rosenwald commented on the rising popularity of conservative talk show hosts. “But if the authenticity of a host is undermined, it could be devastating.”

Alex Jones Custody Battle Press Release

Jones released a statement on Friday requesting the press to “respect the boundaries defined for his case.” He also emphasized that the custody trial is a “private matter.”

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