‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Episode 4 Promo: ‘The Prisoner’s Dilemma’

Prison Break Season 5, Episode 4 release date is April 25 and the title is “The Prisoner’s Dilemma.” The series’ highly anticipated return is back with action-packed escapism with Michael Scofield’s identity becoming increasingly clear.

In the promo for Episode 4, C-Note tells Lincoln that ISIS is gaining territory and Michael’s escape chances are getting slim. It also seems like Abu Ramal has no choice but to work with Scofield if he wants to break out.

The promo teases an action-packed episode as Michael takes another shot at escaping after his plan failed in the previous episode. The synopsis for the episode is as follows.

“Michael, Whip and Ja make a deal with the devil for another chance to escape from Ogygia; T-Bag meets with Kellerman to gather more information on Michael’s resurrection.”

Episode 3 spoilers ahead.

Michael, who has been going by the name Kaniel Outis, has been working for the CIA and is tasked with getting Abu Ramal out for political purposes along with Whip.

However, it seems like the CIA has betrayed Scofield and left him and Whip in prison for about four years, which partially explains his absence from his family. In an interview with TV Line, Augustus Prew, who plays Whip explained the reveal in Episode 3.

“There’s a speech I give pretty soon within this episode where you out that they’ve been breaking people out of prisons for the CIA, and Abu Ramal was one of those people. But they have since realized that the CIA has decided to leave them there [in Ogygia]. They have no idea why they have been left in this prison to die, but they have. They were supposed to be in this prison for a week, and it’s now four years later. So something has very badly gone wrong. Whip is someone who has never had a family, really, he’s not someone who trusts people freely. Prison is kind of all he really knows.”

After his escape plan foils, Michael uses the last battery on Ja’s phone to record a message for Sara. He expresses his love for her and reveals that everything he has done is for her. Some fans speculate that Michael made a deal that allows Sara to live free in the U.S. Before the return of Prison Break Season 5, Michael broke Sara out of prison; therefore, a deal with the CIA will explain why she can live without using an alias.

It is unclear if Michael knows that Sara is married. However, he managed to get a note to her through his son at school to warn her about trouble coming ahead of his escape attempt. T-Bag seems to have turned a new leaf and is working to help Sara and Lincoln help Michael. Has all this time in prison changed T-Bag?

In Episode 4, T-Bag is set to meet with Kellerman to get more information about Michael or Kaniel Outis. Perhaps, Michael is the “Mr. Outis” that hooked up Bagwell with a new hand?

During Season 5 of Prison Break, Michael and the team will be tasked with breaking out of the country after he gets out of prison. The fifth and perhaps final season will feature nine episodes, and next week’s episode will bring fans closer to the half-way mark of the revival series.

During the interview with TV Line, Augustus Prew teases Whip’s real name and reveals more about his mysterious character.

“Whip has a real name but I’m not going to tell you it — the reveal is too good! Whip was a name made up by Michael, because he’s his ‘whip hand.’ Whip has a very short temper, and Michael knows that he can use Whip to maintain order within the prison.”

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