Rihanna Feels Horrible Over Drake Pregnancy Rumors: Is He Going To Be A Father After Split?

Rihanna feels horrible for Drake now that he has found himself being accused of being the potential father to a baby that’s just months away from being born, it’s been alleged.

According to reports, a woman by the name of Layla Lace is claiming that she bedded the rapper, and it wasn’t long before she found out that she was pregnant. Having claimed that Drake was the only person she slept with at the time, she supposedly knows that it’s his baby.

According to Lace, when she informed Drizzy with the news, he stopped responding to her text messages and has completely given her the cold shoulder, which has infuriated her beyond belief — to the point where she decided to share the news on social media.

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Rihanna has now involved herself in the situation and reportedly wants to help Drake in the midst of having found himself in such an awkward situation.

The R&B singer, who has shared an on-again, off-again relationship with the rapper for more than seven years, feels terrible because she knows the 30-year-old’s character, and even if it was true that he was the father, this certainly isn’t the news Drake was hoping for right now.

With his career booming and having toured the world in recent months, the last thing he would have wanted is to find out that he has gotten a stranger pregnant — someone he clearly doesn’t share any feelings for, which would explain the supposed reason he hasn’t responded to her messages, a source tells Life & Style.

It’s particularly sad for Rihanna, who allegedly ended her relationship with Drizzy back in October because of the supposed fact that he was so hesitant to settle down and start a family with her, having reportedly put his career on the idea of committing himself to such plans in the near future.

It’s hurtful to Rihanna for many reasons, but at this given point, she just wants to show her ex-boyfriend some support. After all, they reportedly still consider themselves as friends, so being the good pal that she is, Rihanna is willing to step up and help Drake get through this.

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“Rihanna is embarrassed for Drake after hearing the news that he may have knocked up a random hookup,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “She’ll always have love and a soft spot for Drake, so the news still bothered her a bit. Rihanna knows he can be a player, but doesn’t believe any of the accusations. She’s totally Team Drake on this one!”

It’s further noted that Layla plans on taking further action in the following days if the man she’s now accused of impregnating her doesn’t step up and prepare himself for fatherhood.

Rihanna is no stranger to the men she’s previously dated being caught up in situations like these, with Chris Brown being the last of her exes to have found himself in such a mess.

Two years ago, Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend had learned he had fathered a child named Royalty, and upon learning about the pregnancy with Nia Guzman, a friend of his then girlfriend, Karrueche, Chris kept the news out of the spotlight until the story eventually leaked.

Rihanna doesn’t think much about Layla’s accusations — for now. She’d be baffled to think that her former beau could be so reckless to impregnate a woman he doesn’t even want to have a child with since Rihanna reportedly only ended the romance with Drake because he didn’t want kids just yet.

It would be heartbreaking for Rihanna to learn that Lace’s claims are true.

Rihanna has yet to publicly address her stand on the situation.

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