Caitlyn Jenner Nude: Kylie, Kendall Begging ‘KUWTK’ Star Not To Partake In Naked Photoshoot

Caitlyn Jenner’s upcoming nude photoshoot is being sabotaged by Kendall and Kylie, who sources say will refuse to let their father show herself naked for the world to see, it’s been alleged.

Caitlyn Jenner’s son, Brody Jenner, recently let it slip that his father was planning on posing nude, just three months after the former athlete underwent her gender reassignment procedure, which Caitlyn says has made her feel “all the more liberated.”

In an effort to truly live her authentic life, Caitlyn Jenner believes that posing nude is the final step in doing so, but according to Hollywood Life, Kylie and Kendall are mortified by the idea of having their father naked all over magazines.

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It’s a horrific thought for them because they know the backlash the family will receive for allowing Caitlyn Jenner to do something like this, Vogue adds.

When Kris Jenner mentioned the idea of posing naked a couple of years back, Kendall and Kylie were able to convince their mother not to pull through with the idea, fearing the embarrassment that would come with the nude photos spreading on the internet.

This situation is no different, an insider explains. The socialites don’t want to be put in a situation where they have to defend Caitlyn Jenner’s decision to pose naked because they can’t seem to understand it themselves — why does their dad want to go nude so badly?

“Kylie and Kendall are urging their dad not to do a nude pictorial. They had the exact same reaction when their mom [Kris Jenner, 61] started talking about doing one a couple of years ago,” the insider shares.

“Kylie and Kendall both hated the idea of seeing their 60-year-old mother, naked in a magazine,” and the same goes for their father. “They just don’t want to see either of their parents in that way.”

Hollywood Life notes that everyone in the Kardashian household is furious. With Caitlyn Jenner, it’s been one thing after the other, and it’s now giving them the impression that she wants to purposely hurt them and their reputation in doing all that she’s done.

In Caitlyn’s memoir, The Secrets of My Life, the TV personality talks revealing things regarding his marriage to Kris Jenner, which she’s previously branded as a disaster. On top of that, Caitlyn Jenner discusses her turned relationship with her step-daughters, her reason for not liking Ellen DeGeneres, among other things.

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The memoir comes across as if it’s just written to give people the thought that Caitlyn Jenner has had such a tough life that talking bad about her family and former pals is her way of getting revenge, the Kardashians believe.

“After the news of her procedure broke, it was reported [April 20] that Caitlyn had booked a nude photoshoot to reveal her post-surgery body. Her son, Brody Jenner, 33, was the one who allegedly spilled the news about Cait’s nude photoshoot plans. Now, the entire family is reportedly not happy.”

Kylie and her sister will do anything to prevent this nude photoshoot from taking place. The embarrassment that will come with the idea of seeing her father naked is horrendous — it’s something that neither one of the sisters even wants to imagine, let alone anybody else in the family.

Kendall and all of her siblings have been very supportive of Caitlyn Jenner’s decision to live her life as a woman and be her authentic self, but from slamming family members in her book to making the decision in wanting to pose naked, not understanding how this could affect others, is a reckless decision that they will not accept by any means.

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