TNA News: Former WWE Tag Team Champion Returns Tonight At ‘Impact Wrestling’ Taping

It has been three years since the high-flying acrobatics of Evan Bourne have been seen in WWE, and it doesn’t look as if he will be heading back there anytime soon. Rumors have been flying about the man formerly known by that ring name, and he is going to hold onto his other name, Matt Sydal, as he has found a new home. Tonight, and for the first time in more than a decade, Sydal made his return to TNA Impact Wrestling.

After Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, Jeremy Borash announced that a “major name” would be returning for Friday night’s TV tapings. Borash said the person “last appeared at Victory Road in 2005″ and had not been seen in TNA since that time.

His error is that there was no Victory Road in 2005, and that means he probably meant 2004 or 2005. As reported by E Wrestling News, speculation has been running wild that the major star as going to be none other than Matt Sydal, and those rumors ended up being correct.

As reported by WrestleZone, Matt Sydal did indeed make a surprise return to TNA Impact Wrestling this evening for the next set of tapings. Sydal came out early in the night and defeated Trevor Lee in a singles match.

At first, it looked as if Sydal was going to be a part of the X-Division, but he had another match later in the night. For his second bout, Sydal picked up a huge win over Eddie Edwards, but he still didn’t get involved in an angle of any kind. Once that match was over, Davey Edwards came out with Angelina Love to attack Edwards and his wife, Alicia.

Some time back, Sydal was asked about working in WWE, and he had said that he learned a lot of great things from many fantastic people. When asked if he would ever return to WWE, he simply said he liked working in Japan better and chose to stay with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The problem with staying in NJPW came about back in October when Sydal was arrested for having 2.12 grams of liquid marijuana in his possession, as reported by Wrestling Inc. He pled guilty in December and received three years probation before returning to the United States.

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Upon returning to the U.S., Sydal headed back to Ring of Honor yet again, but that also ended up being a short-lived stint with another promotion. He hasn’t been seen much in 2017, but his return to TNA Impact Wrestling on Friday might say a lot for his immediate and long-term future.

The Inquisitr reported on Thursday that Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling had merged as one to officially make GFW a defunct promotion. The spoilers reported by WrestleZone do show that Global Force Wrestling titles are being defended in TNA as Sienna successfully defended her GFW Women’s Championship against ODB on Friday night.

Jeff Jarrett is looking at making TNA great again, and that means bringing back a number of big names who can strengthen the roster. Matt Sydal is a great addition and fans were happy to see him make his return.

Fans have been waiting and hoping that Evan Bourne would head back to WWE, but after injuries kept him out of action for most of the last two years of his time there, it didn’t seem likely. Since then, he has traveled around the world wrestling for different promotions, but he has now settled back into the place where his big-time began. TNA Impact Wrestling signed a good one in Matt Sydal and he will bring only great things.

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