‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For April 24-28: Sonny’s Victory, Carly’s Revenge, Kirsten Storms Leave Extended?

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming week reveal more trials for Port Charles residents. Carly and Sonny are not the only ones who will have a hard time. Carly (Laura Wright) made up her mind about her marriage and she will be the first one to file for divorce.

Newlyweds Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) and Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) will wrestle with relationship issues too. Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) has to swallow his pride and accept that Jake Webber (Hudson West) needs Franco (Roger Howarth). General Hospital weekly spoilers are heating up as the soap gets ready for the May sweeps.

Spoilers for the week of April 24 reveal that Sonny (Maurice Benard) will celebrate his victory over finding a way to get Jax (Ingo Rademacher) deported. In Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Jax will have no choice but to leave Port Charles due to immigration issues. Carly knows Sonny has something to do with it, and she wants to get back at him.

Carly Versus Sonny

There has been a lot going on between Sonny and Carly lately. Seeing Carly with another man and realizing that it’s just a matter of time before his marriage comes to an end has been putting Sonny in a bad mood. The Port Charles mob boss has been blaming all this misfortune on Jax. It’s not surprising that he decided to use his connections to drive Carly’s Aussie ex-husband out of the country.

Sonny’s decision to put Jax in one difficult situation after another will make Carly furious. Carly won’t just sit on the sidelines as Sonny tries to separate Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) from her father. Sonny will gloat over his success but his happiness will not last long.

Carly will also consider moving to Australia with Jax. Her marriage with Sonny will be over soon. She can take Josslyn and Michael Quartermaine with her to start anew. GH spoilers hint Carly will make a major decision by Monday.

General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal that Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) will remind him of one important thing –his assets. Spoilers tease that Sonny will lose his advantage later this week. With all his assets in Carly’s name, his soon to be ex-wife has enough reason and motivation to use this as a tool for revenge. Although Sonny has Diane on his side, Carly will find a good lawyer to represent her.
General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly’s lawyer would be involved with Sonny. The new attorney in town would try to convince Sonny to pretend they don’t know each other. However, the two will hook up. It remains to be seen how this could affect CarSon’s divorce.

Jake’s Welfare

Jake is going to play a vital role in the upcoming episodes. He will be the key to unraveling the truth about Jason’s years under Helena Cassadine’s beck and call. In Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Liz asked Jason to talk about Jake.

In the previous episode of General Hospital, the two agreed it would be best if they presented a united front and it seems that they will stick to this. Since Jake considers Franco his closest confidant, Jason needs to put his emotions aside and do what’s best for his son. Accepting Franco’s relationship will become even more crucial once the child reveals Jason is the scarecrow.

Bad News for Nathan

There may be a lot of things going on in General Hospital right now but many fans are still curious about Maxie. The Naxie couple made it through various challenges. Just recently, they tied the knot. Unfortunately, Kirsten Storms decided to take a three-month leave from General Hospital.

Based on the latest spoilers, Nathan will receive some bad news. There are speculations that he will receive word that Maxie needs to stay longer in Portland. Some also think that Storms decided to take a longer break. General Hospital spoilers made no mention of what this news could be and it could be something worse than an absentee wife.

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