NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin To Pacers, Paul George To Los Angeles Clippers In NBA Superstar Swap

Some new NBA trade rumors have been set in motion involving Clippers star Blake Griffin and disgruntled Pacers star Paul George. Speculation from at least one NBA analyst suggests that the two All-Star players could switch teams and conferences in a major trade. The deal could come in the near future if the two franchises are able to actually work something out. It would also put an end to the NBA trade rumors suggesting that George will end up with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Both Paul George and Blake Griffin are involved in NBA playoffs series, but neither is in a situation where their team is expected to break through to the NBA Finals anytime soon. Griffin and the Clippers have a close first-round battle going on with the Utah Jazz, a team they finished just a game ahead of. George and the Pacers are currently down 3-0 in their series with the NBA defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

Pacers Paul George against Cleveland Cavaliers
Paul George and the Pacers won't be getting past the Cleveland Cavaliers anytime soon. [Image by Getty Images]

Fox Sports reported that on a recent episode of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, NBA analyst Chris Broussard stopped by the show to discuss a variety of topics from the league including the Paul George situation. Among those topics, he suggested that the Los Angeles team that would be a more intriguing situation for a star like Paul George is not the Lakers, but the Clippers. Broussard suggested that by giving up Blake Griffin to bring George to the Clippers, they’d have a team that was already playoff-ready with the talent it has. That includes point guard Chris Paul and big man DeAndre Jordan.


Previous NBA trade rumors here at Inquisitr suggested maybe George was asking for the Lakers to save him. Broussard noted that the Lakers are a team that really isn’t in the postseason chase right now, and Paul George is in the “prime of his career.” He said in order for George to want to play for Magic Johnson’s franchise, the Lakers would have to really wow him. That might include the Lakers getting a high NBA Draft pick and bringing UCLA star Lonzo Ball to the team to show what he’s capable of before George would want to become part of the “Showtime” team.

As of right now, there’s no guarantee the Lakers will get a pick in the top three, and if their pick is No. 3 it could mean they get Kansas’ Josh Jackson rather than a difference maker like Ball. Still, the Lakers are probably a season or two away from enjoying some postseason success.

The best option for George and the Clippers might be for “Lob City” to orchestrate a big superstar exchange. The deal could be a sign and trade involving Blake Griffin, where the multiple-time All-Star and former NBA Slam Dunk champion would have to sign off on it. The other possibility that Broussard suggested was for the Clippers to re-sign Griffin and then ahead of the next NBA trade deadline they would trade him to Indiana for Paul George.

Broussard commented on the idea of Griffin being part of the East as well as the new trio in Los Angeles.

“I think Blake would be better in the East even than the West. And the Clippers? Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Paul George? Now you’re cookin’ with oil!”

Blake Griffin to Indiana Pacers in NBA star swap
Blake Griffin could join the Indiana Pacers in an NBA star swap where the Clippers would get Paul George. [Image by Getty Images]

One thing is for sure and that is the parity in the NBA just isn’t there right now for either team to expect to be on the level of their conference’s top squads. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have set the bar high with their teams consisting of multiple All-Star players. The Clippers seemed to be on the cusp of making the NBA Finals several seasons ago but never turned the corner. Bringing in a star player of Paul George’s caliber could be just what this Los Angeles team needs to get that extra boost.

Of course, one has to wonder if the Indiana Pacers would even go for this sort of deal. The team has Paul George under contract for the next season, but after that, he’s a free agent. Having the allure of getting someone of Blake Griffin’s value in exchange for George, rather than him simply signing with a new team, might be the Pacers’ best option. In the case of both teams, a swap of their stars may be just what is needed to jumpstart some postseason success.

[Featured Image by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images]