Lady Gaga For President: Sham Ibrahim Campaigns At Coachella To Replace Donald Trump In 2020 Election

Right after the 2016 election, Sham Ibrahim called for his friends and the LGBTQ community to give Donald Trump a chance to prove himself as president. Now that the country has had a taste of the first few months of Trump’s presidency, the popular pop artist-turned-reality star is speaking out again in an effort to dump Trump in 2020 with his suggestion that everyone vote for Lady Gaga for president instead.

“If we are going to have a celebrity as a president why did we choose a reality star?” Sham Ibrahim told the Inquisitr exclusively. “If the main criteria are popularity and entertainment value, which seems to me to be the reason Donald Trump got elected in the first place, then we should’ve picked someone with a lot more talent and who is a lot more popular!”

“The person I think that naturally comes to mind is Lady Gaga. I think she would make a fabulous president! She seems to care much more about human rights and she seems a lot more compassionate and respectful of her fellow human beings. I can’t imagine her dropping bombs and instigating war all over the globe like this president is doing. Also, I think she would bring people together instead of all this divisiveness that Donald Trump has created! Have you ever been to Lady GaGa concert!? Everyone from all ages and backgrounds is singing along and having a great time. Compare that to a Trump rally where people are trying to kill each other because of divergent opinions!”

Sham went on to explain all the reasons that he thinks Lady Gaga would make a much better celebrity president than Donald Trump.

“Lady gaga supports women, LGBT causes, immigrants, children, in,” Sham said. “I can’t think of one group that she does not support. She’s contributed much of her career to speaking out against injustice and she’s supported so many great causes and she’s put her money behind it too. The only thing Donald Trump seems to support is his own ego.”

It turns out that Sham Ibrahim also believes that Lady Gaga would be a better style icon than Donald Trump.

“Not to mention her wardrobe is way better than his,” Sham added. “I would rather look at a stylish drag queen of a pop star than an Orange slob any day.”

“I’ve decided to start campaigning for her to become president immediately!” Sham said.

Although it would be nearly impossible to pluck Donald Trump out of office and replace him with Lady Gaga, Sham is sharing an opinion felt by many in the LGBTQ community about wanting to get the reality TV president out of office. It might make more sense if she were to run in the 2020 election, but the point Sham is making is pretty clear.

“I picketed at Coachella holding signs saying ‘Lady GaGa for president’ and I’ve been actively telling anyone who will listen why she would make a fabulous leader. Lady GaGa for president now!”

To further prove his dedication to the “Lady Gaga for president” campaign, Sham Ibrahim has created several pop art-style portraits of the Mother Monster.

It’s not clear how Lady Gaga feels about her name being thrown into the ring for a possible presidential run in the 2020 election. The Inquisitr reached out for comment from Lady Gaga’s reps but has yet to hear back.

Would you support Lady Gaga for president either now or in the 2020 election cycle? Would you rather dump Donald Trump and replace him with another celebrity instead as Sham Ibrahim suggested? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Stringer/Getty Images]