Animal Adventure Park Delivers Parting Words As Live Cam Of April The Giraffe Shuts Down

Jordan Patch and his famous staff at Animal Adventure Park delivered some parting words before the April the giraffe live cam shut down at 4:30 p.m. ET on Friday, April 15. It was a bittersweet moment for viewers who’ve been avid followers of April’s journey. She gave birth to a beautiful calf last Saturday, and the live streaming continued another week after his birth.

Jordan, giraffe caretakers Alyssa and Corey, and veterinarian Dr. Tim said their goodbyes to viewers on Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook page before they went into April’s stall to say one last farewell on the live cam.

Approximately 146,000 viewers watched the live cam as the team thanked everyone for their support and reassured them that this whole adventure with April and her calf is “to be continued.”

Just prior to the live cam going dark, all four gathered in April’s stall to say goodbye. Jordan held up a sign that read, “Thank You To Be Continued.” Dr. Tim held up the golden egg he had when he hinted to viewers last Friday night that April was about to give birth.

While the live stream is shut down, more is to come, and people can relive numerous moments from the YouTube stream.

It’s not over with April the giraffe and her little one. At some point early next week, Jordan says he’ll reveal a plan for scheduled times enthusiasts can “tune in and check on baby, April, and Oliver and your favorite cast and characters,” referring to Alyssa, Corey, and Dr. Tim.

Animal Adventure Park has promised to keep followers updated and will have a yard cam up around opening day so people can check back in on the trio of giraffes. April, her calf, and Oliver are stars, and their popularity will endure. Their typical animal activities have won many over and have garnered a deeper appreciation for giraffes. The park has succeeded in spreading their message of giraffe conservation while educating the masses on these beloved animals.

Animal Adventure Park already has a sea of requests from fans for updates and scoops on everything, like the first time the baby giraffe goes into the yard and when he gets shared space with Oliver.

People have become so attached to April the giraffe and the staff they’ve gotten acquainted with. Alyssa and Corey never imagined they’d experience fame as animal keepers in a small New York town. Alyssa shared in one a brief interview that she never wanted to be famous and had a focus on working with predatory animals such as big cats and wolves. She was somewhat confused at first when she was told giraffes were going to be her specialty at Animal Adventure Park, but she quickly grew to love it. Alyssa says her family and friends have kept her grounded in her newfound fame as April’s caretaker.

In all, Animal Adventure Park scored when it came to YouTube views. The live cam tallied a grand total of 12,695,817 views total since it began streaming on February 10. According to TMZ, April the giraffe is YouTube’s second most-watched live stream ever. It comes second after League of Legends eSports channel.

Fortunately for April fans, this isn’t the end of the story. It’s all just beginning, and there’s much more for the park to share with the world when it comes to April and her calf. For starters, they still need to name the calf and a contest is currently being held for the perfect name. Within 10 days the park will reveal what April and Oliver’s calf will be named.

Are you going to miss watching Animal Adventure Park’s live cam of April the giraffe and the rest of the group on a daily basis?

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