Christina El Moussa Shows Off Bare Breasts? Photos Making Rounds Show A New, Risque Side To The Wholesome Host

Christina El Moussa has been in the news a lot since her divorce from Tarek El Moussa, her co-star on HGTV's hit show Flip or Flop. While much of the speculation has involved her love life, new speculation is making the rounds because of her recent paparazzi pics, which perhaps show off a little more than she intended. And while some sites are reporting that she had "bare breasts" out and about, there's actually a much simpler (and less "out there" explanation) to her recent photos. And for what it's worth, she still looks good!

According to Hollywood Life, Christina El Moussa was recently photographed on the beach while she was on vacation in Maui with the rest of her family. The outlet pointed out that she had "washboard abs" and commended her for being a "hot mom" who wasn't afraid to show off what she had to work with.

This shoot comes shortly after it was reported that she split from her most recent boyfriend, hockey player Nate Thompson. It seems she hasn't had much luck since divorcing Tarek. We hope that changes soon!

But don't think that Christina El Moussa always acts as good as she looks because that's hardly the case. According to Wonderwall, she is upping her demands for the next season of Flip or Flop. She's demanding $1 million per episode, transportation to and from the work site, a full glam squad to tend to her every need, and shorter work hours.

And there's more: she wants Tarek kicked off the show.

The HGTV brass are hesitant to do this because it's the team of both Tarek and Christina that bring in ratings.

That hasn't stopped her from asking, though.

"Christina "is desperate to ditch [estranged husband Tarek El Moussa,] but the network wants to keep him around for the friction," the source told us, adding that he's also asking for $1 million. Most believe that HGTV will give Christina what she wants since she's become a breakout star, but Tarek will be left wanting more. The source said that Christina is also demanding shorter filming hours, transportation, and her own trailer with hair, makeup, and wardrobe. "Christina knows that all of her personal drama has brought the network huge ratings," the mag's source said. "She's in a place of power."
And it's these diva-like demands that have caused Christina El Moussa to struggle with her personal life, if you believe the reports from Entertainment Tonight. While Tarek was and remains a lot more low-key than his ex-wife, Christina El Moussa is a lot more demanding and high maintenance, and that's what caused Nate Thompson to call it off.

In fact, he called it off just a few days after it was announced that they were officially a couple! Ouch!

"The source also says that El Moussa and 32-year-old Thompson actually called things off a couple of days before the news they were dating broke, and that Thompson is currently back together with his ex-girlfriend, Pilates instructor Sydney Kaplan -- who interestingly enough, bears a resemblance to El Moussa. Thompson and Kaplan attended an ESPYs after-party together last July."
Fans of HGTV, now it's your turn. What do you think of this latest round of rumors about Christina El Moussa? Do you think the brass will give into her demands?

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[Featured Image by HGTV]