Tired Of Waiting For Season 3? Check Out This ‘Rick And Morty’ VR Game In The Meantime

Rick and Morty fans now have another reason to love April; the virtual reality game brought by Owlchemy is now available. Titled Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, the game takes players on a cool simulation of Rick’s day-to-day hazardous life.

What Is The Game About

The Rick and Morty VR game mostly takes place inside the mad scientist’s lab, where you take on the role of Morty’s clones. Helping Rick out, you have to perform a variety of (usually) life-threatening tasks together with the ultra-useful Mr. Meeseeks.


Similar to Job Simulator, players have puzzles to solve by interacting with the objects around them. Almost everything can be interacted with, so it is also easy to get lost in the game. When you’re not in the mood to advance through the story, there’s a free play mode that allows you to explore the game or replay some puzzles, the Verge noted.

There are about nine chapters in the game, which can be played through in one gaming session. The garage-turned-laboratory, meanwhile, is divided into four sections, cleverly separated so that players won’t need to have too much room to play.

But unlike Job Simulator, Virtual Rick-ality has a story to tell – and a fun one, at that. It is not without the usual weirdness and smart jokes that one can expect from a Rick and Morty episode, so every fan of the show must experience this game at least once.

No Compatible VR Headset?

One thing about the Rick and Morty game is that you need a VR headset, which is pretty expensive if you just want to play this title. The game is only about $29.99, but you must have an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift to play it.

If you just want the experience, though, you can watch Let’s Play videos on YouTube. You can also follow Owlchemy Labs’ official Twitter account that regularly posts these kind of videos, iDigitalTimes reports.

Rick and Morty writer Mike McMahan also has a tip if you don’t have a VR gear to play Virtual Rick-ality with. You just need about two bananas.


Tough luck also for PSVR owners, as it is still unknown if the Rick and Morty VR game is going to be released on that platform.

More Rick And Morty Goodies

Meanwhile, more Rick and Morty fun is coming your way. Fans who do not have Virtual Rick-ality to keep them busy can look forward to the release of the coloring book by Titan Books. An activity that adults can also participate in, coloring will take the fans back to iconic scenes and their favorite characters.

The cover of the Rick and Morty coloring book can be seen over at Entertainment Weekly.

Speaking Of Rick And Morty…

But these goodies are only distractions. What fans really want to know is when Rick and Morty Season 3 is coming back. To recall, the first episode aired on April 1 in a surprising move by Adult Swim. But it is only a taste of the next season – the rest of the season is not scheduled to be released until this summer.

Episode 1 saw Rick’s escape from prison, so expect the next episode to be filled with another exciting adventure for the grandfather-grandson duo. Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 2 is titled “Rickmancing the Stone” and will probably take care of a pickle rising – whose pickle, we don’t know.


The rest of Rick and Morty Season 3 will likely air in July, as the Inquisitr previously reported. Season 2 premiered in July 2014, so that month is the best guess anyone has for now. Let’s just hope that it’s for real this time and not another evil scheme to get our hopes up.

[Featured Image by Owlchemy Labs/Twitter]