Thomas Ravenel Says Craig Conover’s Bad Influence Contributed To Kathryn Dennis Losing Child Custody

Thomas Ravenel has lashed out at his Southern Charm co-star Craig Conover for, as viewers will see in the upcoming episode, questioning his love and commitment to his two children with Kathryn Dennis. Not only that, Thomas has accused Craig of being a bad influence on Kathryn; so much so that it contributed to her losing custody of their two children.

As reported by Reality Tea, Thomas on Friday posted a lengthy message to his Instagram account in which he blasted Craig for questioning his parenting of daughter Kensington and son St. Julien. Thomas said that Craig’s questioning is quite rich since it was his bad influence that contributed to Kathryn losing custody of the children. Likely in reference to the revelation that Craig lied last year about finishing law school and only pretended to submit his application to take the bar exam, Thomas went on to claim that Craig is not only ethically challenged but also mentally challenged.

Thomas, who later deleted the post, went on to make fun of Craig, nominating him to win an award for “male bimbo of the year” and stating that there’s nothing but tumbleweed blowing between his ears. Showing just how little he thinks of Craig’s intelligence and abilities, Thomas added that Craig would do better to advise his girlfriend, Naomie Olindo, on how to finish her MBA program or JD Madison on how to run a liquor distillery, tasks that the reality TV show has suggested Craig is hardly capable of. Last season, JD was shown giving Craig an opportunity to be involved in his bourbon business, only for Craig to mess that up. This current season, Naomie has been shown being frustrated with Craig’s procrastination and seemingly lack of ambition. As Naomie pursues her MBA, Craig is shown gardening and doing other projects around the house.

“Craig Conover calling my parenting skills into question is quite rich considering his bad influence contributed to Kathryn losing custody of her kids. We all know he is ethically challenged, now we know he’s mentally challenged. He’s got my vote for the ‘male bimbo of the year” award’ — there’s nothing but tumbleweed blowing between his ears. He’d do better to to advise Naomie on how to pass the MBA program or advising JD or running a liquor distillery.”

A preview for the next Southern Charm episode to air on Tuesday shows most of the cast, sans Kathryn Dennis, attending a polo match that Thomas Ravenel is playing in. As Craig Conover, Landon Clements and Austen Kroll are talking to Thomas, St. Julien’s nanny pushes the kids up towards them in a stroller. “Here comes the babies,” Craig tells Thomas. When Thomas looks back to face his children, Kensington yells, “Daddy daddy daddy!”

“Yeah. Yeah,” Thomas, who looks and sounds exhausted from playing polo, says. “Hello darling. How are you?” he asks towards the nanny and children.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy!” Kensington continues to happily yell. “I’ll chat with ya’ll later. I’m at half-time. I’m gonna try to collect my thoughts. Can’t chit chat with everybody,” Thomas says, which prompts the nanny to continue pushing Kensie and her brother along down the road.

“Go give Kensie a kiss. She was screaming ‘Daddy,'” Craig tells Thomas.

Thomas responds that he knows but that he can’t because he can’t entertain everybody at the moment. “Yeah, get the f**k outta here,” Thomas, who apparently really wanted to be left alone, then says.

Away from Thomas, Craig asks Landon and Austen if Thomas’ interaction with his kids bothered them as much as it bothered him. “I mean, Thomas is Thomas,” Landon says.

Craig says that he was really fortunate to have two parents who loved him. He asks Landon to imagine how she would feel having a dad who didn’t even say “Bye” to her. Landon, who doesn’t have a good relationship with her dad, cheerfully says that it happened a lot to her growing up, but she thinks she’s doing okay. This prompts Craig, realizing his mistake, to kiss and hug Landon.

In his confessional interview, Craig, one of the few people on the cast to remain friends with Kathryn and who actually had a fling with Kathryn before, said that the others make excuses for Thomas. According to Craig, if they saw Kathryn behaving that way towards the children, they would have had a field day criticizing her.

“What if this was Kathryn? Would they have cared then you know? Cause I feel like they would’ve chewed her out over this but if it’s Thomas they’re just like, ‘He could do whatever he wants.'”

Yet Landon, in her confessional interview, defends Thomas. Landon suggests that Craig, not being from the South, perhaps just doesn’t how things are done in the South.

“This could simply come down to a Northern, Southern thing and Craig just doesn’t understand social protocol.”

Back at the polo match, when Cameran Eubanks walks up and asks what they’re talking about, Craig tells her, “Thomas is a f**king a**hole.” After Craig explains to Cameran what happened, Cameran sticks up for Thomas.

“But I will say, in his defense, he has been the one that has created a healthy, safe environment for his children.”

Craig agrees but says that it was still “s**t” to see and that Kensington was only a few feet away. When Cameran tells Craig not to get so upset about it, Craig points out that Thomas fought so hard for child custody but is now ignoring them when he sees them.

In an early Southern Charm season 4 episode, Kathryn Dennis admitted that she lost custody of Kensington and St. Julien after failing her court-ordered drug tests. She told co-star Danni Baird that she spent the summer in Malibu undergoing rehab. Kathryn also admitted that Thomas Ravenel has full custody; she hasn’t seen the children for a long time, and she and Thomas don’t have any kind of co-parenting relationship. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kathryn’s co-star and former friend, Jennifer Snowden, recently claimed that Kathryn is still using drugs and thus still can’t see her kids.

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