Tiller, Oregon: Small Town For Sale For $3.85 Million

The entire town of Tiller, Oregon, is for sale for $3.85 million. According to the official listing, the 257-acre town includes 29 parcels — which can be used for agricultural, commercial, residential, or natural resource purposes. In addition to a church, a school, a general store, and a post office, the town already has seven homes, a 13-acre pre-platted subdivision, 13 commercially zoned lots, and four industrially zoned lots.

As reported by Oregon Live, Tiller, Oregon, was discovered and founded by Aaron Tiller in the early 1900s. Although the town thrived over the next 80 years, the collapse of the timber industry forced a majority of Tiller’s residents to move out and seek employment elsewhere. By the early 1990s, Tiller was a ghost town.

According to BestPlaces.net, Tiller, Oregon, and the surrounding unincorporated areas have a total population of 235. However, the number of residents has steadily declined since 2000. The cost of living in Tiller is 0.30 percent higher than the United States average and a majority of the residents commute 30 minutes or more to work.

As stated in the official listing, Tiller is surrounded by land owned by the Bureau of Land Management and the Umpqua National Forest. The small town is easily accessible, as it is adjacent to Oregon State Highway 227 and near Interstate 5 and State Highway 62.

Although Tiller, Oregon, could be used for commercial and industrial purposes, it has specific potential as an outdoor recreational area.

The tiny town is situated on the banks of the South Umpqua River and is surrounded by mountains, streams, and a dense forest. In addition to providing residents and visitors with a pristine river and beach, Tiller is perfectly suited for boating, camping, climbing, equestrian sports, fishing, hunting, and hiking.

For those who are more interested in the commercial and industrial aspect, the sale of Tiller, Oregon, includes mineral rights and plenty of timber. The land is also ideal for farming and building homes and resorts.

At this time, the status of the sale of Tiller, Oregon, is officially listed as “under contract.” However, according to the listing agent, the “sellers have allowed [the] buyers a reasonable diligence period” and “backup offers are encouraged for serious, qualified buyers.”

Real estate agent Garrett Zoller did not disclose the identity of the potential buyers. However, he did confirm that they are in an “industry.” According to Zoller, the entity has “grand things in the works” and “will be funded by money from California.”

Although there have been numerous rumors about marijuana farms, an amusement, park, timber companies, and even a casino, Garret Zoller said the potential buyers are not interested in any of those endeavors. Instead, they will likely focus on more “conservative” farming opportunities.

Zoller said he is unable to disclose further details. However, he stressed the fact that the changes made to Tiller would be “positive” and will not “disrupt the town” or its current residents.

“They understand that this is a community of people who live here and that it could be a sensitive subject … They want to address this project with the community in mind.”

As reported by The Seattle Times, the potential buyers have committed to reopening the general store and turning the abandoned school “into some type of campus.”

Although the sale of Tiller, Oregon, is currently under contract, Real estate agent Garrett Zoller said he will accept backup offers until the sale of the tiny town is complete. In the meantime, Zoller said he has gotten offers from interested parties throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

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