Richard Syrett – Web Television Trailer Release

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Oct 8, 2009 (Inquisitr Wire) – ZlandCommunications has just learned that Canadian broadcast journalist Richard Syrett has completed production of the trailer promotion for his new web television program The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett.

After 20 years of provocative radio journalism Richard now enters the world of international television. Syrett’s passionate pursuit of intelligent debate about issues you will never hear on mainstream television, his inimitable skills as a broadcaster and his insatiable curiosity about the world around him have now garnered him a notoriety in the world of telecast journalism. His unique and finely tuned story telling abilities and enthralling guests have made his radio program an addictive appointment tune-in for over a decade. The leap to the medium of television was only a matter of time.

Wide-ranging topics like the paranormal; UFOs, world economics, cover-ups, political intrigue, conspiracies and unexplained mysteries are skillfully explored and debated in a ‘no-holds barred’ HD television format.

It appears that Syrett’s incursion into highly accessible HD web television will soon replace the standard ‘prime time’ acquisition of news by a new generation of viewers in favour of authentic journalism thus by-passing the monotonous tedium of prime time mainstream news.

View the video trailer of Richard’s Web TV program click on: The Trailer – The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett