'Teen Mom OG's Amber Portwood Breaks Silence On Domestic Assault Rumors

Amber Portwood has been in the media lately for all of the wrong reasons, and now, the Teen Mom OG star is ready to speak out about the allegations that she assaulted her fiance, Matt Baier.

The young mother of one has been accused of beating and bloodying her fiance. A blogger by the name of Miss Smarty Jones had released photos that were allegedly from women that Matt was seeing behind Amber Portwood's back. According to Smarty Jones, he sent the photos to the other women he was sleeping with behind his fiancee's back in frustration over Amber's violent streak.

Fans of Teen Mom OG know that Amber Portwood has a history of violence. The reality star served 24 hours in jail after choking and beating her ex, Gary Shirley, on camera. She was released on a $5,000 bond.

But since the days of her domestic assault and battery, Amber Portwood has made a conscious effort to try and be a better person for herself and her daughter, Leah, 8. She has shaken her addiction to drugs and is working on eating right and slimming down. The young mother has also been working on her mental health, which she says helps her cope with some of her emotions.

"For me, there's a difference with having depression and a mental disorder depression, because it literally comes on and stays, no matter what you do, until it's done. So if you're on medication for it, that's the only way for you to really help and improve. I'll be on medication for the rest of my life."
"So it's something that I really struggle with badly. But I'm doing good now because I'm on certain medications now and I finally feel normal and healthy and I think clearly. Before I was just groggy and depressed," she confessed to People.

Amber Portwood has worked very hard to repair her image and is reportedly devastated that it has been destroyed in this manner.

"Five years ago I made the decision to choose prison over rehab in order to fully turn my life around. Since then I've worked hard to make serious changes for myself, for my daughter, and for all the fans who supported me. I'm saddened by the latest rumors, which are both untrue and unfounded, but plan to continue to stay focused on my recovery and being the best person I can be for everyone in my life," she said.

Baier corroborated Amber Portwood's statement, saying that the bruises and blood were from a night out with his friends where he "deservedly" got beaten up. Originally, he claimed the photos were 5- or 6-years-old and that someone was trying to pass them off as current, but they may still be from a night out with friends all those years ago.

Matt Baier claims Amber Portwood is the love of his life and says he is still very excited to marry her in October.

Amber Portwood, however, looks less than thrilled in the Teen Mom OG extended trailer. The 26-year-old is seen picking out venues with Matt, and when he decides on one he likes, she is seen very deadpan saying, "I'm scared."

In another scene, Amber Portwood tries on wedding dresses. Although this should be one of the most fun experiences with your mom and girls, Amber, instead, looks like she'd rather be anywhere but there. Once she tries on the dress, she urges the customer service reps to help her get out of it immediately.

She later confesses to a producer of Teen Mom OG that she loves Matt and wants to spend the rest of her life with him, but she does not fully trust him.

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