Scheana Marie Divorce: Brandi Glanville Weighs In On Mike Shay Split

Brandi Glanville is addressing Scheana Marie and Mike Shay’s divorce after settling their differences earlier this year.

Following years of turmoil due to Scheana Marie’s relationship with Brandi Glanville’s former husband, Eddie Cibrian, which was happening while the pair was still married, the reality stars met up at an event in Los Angeles where they proved to be on good terms.

Although Brandi Glanville and Scheana Marie may never be friends, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star holds no ill will towards the Vanderpump Rules star and recently told fans on Twitter that she wished her well.

“It’s the past, I’ve moved on and am happy. But it sucks to divorce in the public eye. Wishing the both of them the best in the future,” she wrote in response to a fan’s question about Scheana Marie divorcing Mike Shay with cameras rolling.

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Scheana Marie and Mike Shay began to experience marital issues at the end of Vanderpump Rules Season 5 and during the finale episode, she informed him that she wanted to end their marriage. Months later, during the reunion special, Shay revealed that his now-estranged wife had allegedly convinced him that she was willing to work on the marriage before suddenly divorcing him with Bravo cameras present.

Scheana Marie told a much different story in regard to their split and claimed she had learned Shay was using drugs behind her back. She also suggested he was communicating with another woman.

“I was devastated,” Scheana Marie admitted to In Touch Weekly after confirming her divorce from Mike Shay in December of last year. “I knew then there was a problem. He got sober for the next six months, but then I found out he was having an emotional affair with a fan.”

“He was also back on drugs, which I told the Vanderpump Rules producers about. I talked about his drug use on the show, and he felt betrayed by that,” she added.

Scheana Marie and Mike Shay have known one another since their school days and chronicled tons of their relationship milestones on Vanderpump Rules, including their engagement and 2014 wedding, which aired during a February 2015 episode of the series.

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Scheana Marie and Mike Shay came face-to-face at the Vanderpump Rules reunion in February of this year for the first time since their split months prior and during the show, things were quite tense between them.

Perhaps the most tense moment took place after Scheana Marie revealed that she was dating again and casually mentioned that the man she was seeing was someone Mike Shay knew.

Following the heartbreaking encounter, Scheana Marie admitted to being “very harsh” and said she attempted to follow up with Mike Shay after filming wrapped.

“I had sent him an email after the reunion because…I felt I was very harsh in certain parts of it, I felt a little cold in other parts of it, and then, the way he found out about Rob, I felt I needed to just give a little more of an explanation,” she explained to E! News. “I felt like I just owed that to him because we’ve been friends for half our lives.”

According to Scheana Marie, her email never received a response from her soon-to-be ex-husband but she did hear from a mutual friend that he had received and read the message.

“That was enough for me,” Scheana Marie said. “I’ve said my piece.”

No word yet on a sixth season of Vanderpump Rules.

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