Musicians Get Political: Kid Rock And Ted Nugent Visit Trump, Bruce Springsteen Calls President A ‘Con Man’

With the political climate that America is facing right now musicians are taking sides, and while Bruce Springsteen has written a new song in which he calls President Donald Trump a “con man,” Kid Rock and Ted Nugent have personally visited the White House to congratulate Trump.

Bruce Springsteen has always been outspoken when it comes to politics, and he certainly hasn’t shied away from his views now that Trump is in the White House. Springsteen has said of Donald Trump that “the republic is under siege by a moron,” according to Rolling Stone, and believes that the president’s travel ban was “fundamentally un-American.” With these thoughts in mind, Bruce Springsteen has teamed up with Joe Grushecky to write a new song about Trump called That’s What Makes Us Great.

Springsteen and Gruschecky get personal with their new anti-Trump protest song and don’t hold anything back. Even the fact that President Donald Trump is proud to never read books is thrown into Bruce’s new song. “Don’t tell me a lie / And sell it as a fact / I’ve been down that road before / And I ain’t going back / Don’t you brag to me / That you never read a book / I never put my faith / In a con man and his crooks.”

Ted Nugent performs for Donald Trump presidential rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 7, 2016.
Ted Nugent performs for Donald Trump presidential rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 7, 2016. [Image by Paul Sancya/AP Images]

In 2016 Bruce Springsteen spoke at a Hillary Clinton rally and described Trump’s over-the-top confidence as “a facade,” as the Guardian reported. Springsteen also said that he believed the manner in which Donald Trump chose to lead people was one that was fraught with “anxiety, fragility and insecurity.”

“It’s such a thin costume that for me it doesn’t hold for a moment. He’s really quite an embarrassment if you’re from the US. It’s simply the most rigid and thinnest veil of masculinity over a mess.”

CNN reported that Bruce Springsteen is fearful of whether Donald Trump is really competent enough to hold the title of president of the United States.

“It’s as simple as the fear of, is someone simply competent enough to do this particular job? Do they simply have the pure competence to be put in the position of such responsibility?”

On the other end of the political spectrum are Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, who just spent time at the White House as personal guests of President Trump. While lamb chops and lobster salad were being eaten, Nugent says that that he and Kid Rock spoke to Donald Trump about subjects like hunting and music along with “guns and venison and energy and borders and military strength and Supreme Court justices and good food and pretty girls.”

Kid Rock and Ted Nugent had only planned on spending an hour or two at most with Donald Trump, according to USA Today, but they all got along so well that Nugent said they ended up chatting away merrily for four hours. Sarah Palin was also present at the White House dinner.

“It was like I was hanging out with a bunch of my rock ‘n’ roll buddies or at a hunting camp. Trump is swinging an American crowbar at all things status quo. Does that ring any bells? Does that sound like a guitar player from Detroit who was anti-dope, pro-law enforcement, pro-gun, during the hippie days?”

Barack Obama giving Presidential Medal of Freedom to Springsteen on November 22, 2016.
Barack Obama giving Presidential Medal of Freedom to Springsteen on November 22, 2016.[Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

According to The New York Times, President Trump also gave Kid Rock and Ted Nugent a tour of the White House, much to the delight of Nugent.

“He gave us a wonderful personal tour of every room and talked about the origins of every carpet and every painting — there was a Monet — and then we had dinner. He showed us the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom and explained how that was where the president’s son died. He knew the designer of the chairs. He showed us the bulletproof glass.”

With such strong views on both sides of the political spectrum right now when it comes to President Donald Trump, what do you think about Bruce Springsteen, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock and their political views?

[Featured Image by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images]