‘DaddyOFive’ Controversy: YouTube Video Shows Mike Martin Forcing Son To Slap His Young Sister, Making Her Cry

The DaddyOFive controversy spreading across YouTube has deepened, with a new clip emerging, showing possible abuse from the parents accused of mistreating their children in the name of viral pranks.

The Maryland couple who operate the DaddyOFive channel, Heather and Mike Martin, have been called out for the treatment of their five children. The videos appear to show the parents pulling mean-spirited pranks on their children, even getting physical at times.

As the Baltimore Sun reported, some of the videos showed the parents appearing to torment their children.

“The viral outrage began after the parents posted a video titled ‘Invisible Ink Prank,’ in which Heather spilled invisible ink on the carpet. She and her husband profusely blamed the sons, screaming profanities, as the boys dissolved into tears and swore over and over that they didn’t do it. The parents begin laughing before Martin tells them, ‘It’s just a prank, bruh.'”

The family has claimed that the scenes are just pranks, but this week new footage has emerged of the parents encouraging a physical fight between their young children. In the DaddyOFive clip, which had once been deleted, Mike was seen goading his son into striking his daughter during a game of bottle flipping.

“The video is set up by Mike who describes a very physical game of ‘Bottle Flip’ – if the person who flips the bottle does not get it to land upright, they get slapped in the face by their opponent. Already a questionable game for children to play, the challenge goes ahead and sees Mike’s only daughter, Emma, fail at the contest meaning Alex is ‘allowed’ to slap her in the face.”

The deleted DaddyOFive flip was recovered by the website We The Unicorns, which posted a mirrored version of the video.

In the clip, Mike’s son, Alex, was worked up at the idea of having to slap his sister, even shouting that he “doesn’t hit girls.” But his father demanded that he do it, yelling that, “she’s your sister so she doesn’t count.” This prompted the boy to strike his sister with a hard slap, causing the girl to fall on the ground in tears.

There is more apparent abuse from there, WeTheUnicorns reported.

“Emma is not comforted in the following scenes,” the site noted. “Alex has a water bottle thrown at his head by Cody who is also in the room. Mike can be heard laughing in the background at the events that just transpired.”

Mike Martin responded to the DaddyOFive controversy this week, deleting all videos except an explanation that claimed all of the previous posts were pranks that the children were in on.


“The videos are fake. They’re fake. They’re over exaggerated. Some videos are scripted. They’re played out. The kids’ ideas, we act them out … We just wanted to make videos for you guys,” he said.

Martin later tweeted that he had demonetized all the DaddyOFive videos, saying, “my family’s safety is more important than fake videos.”

The DaddyOFive channel had close to 765,000 subscribers at its peak, with each video garnering close to 100,000 views. Like many other YouTube channels, DaddyOFive thrived on pranks that were often mean-spirited. In one clip, Mike Martin destroyed his son’s Xbox as the boy cried. In another, Martin told his son, Cody, that he would be left behind as the parents took his siblings to Disneyland.


A police report was filed last year by a woman named Rose Elizabeth Hall, the biological mother of two of the children, the Baltimore Sun reported. Cpl. Michael Revels of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office noted that the videos appeared to show abuse, but his department could not take action as the alleged abuse happened in a different jurisdiction.

“It is my opinion after watching just one of the many videos posted to YouTube, I think the kids … are being both physically and mentally abused and does not need to be in the custody of [their] father Michael Martin,” he wrote in a police report.

As more videos of the DaddyOFive abuse emerge, many fans and other YouTube stars have turned on Mike Martin and the channel, calling on YouTube to shut it down. So far, the page remains online, though all videos except for the explanation have been taken down.

[Featured Image by DaddyOFive/YouTube]