Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Have A Naked Photoshoot To Show Off Sex Change, Kardashian's Are Pissed

Transgender icon Caitlyn Jenner has completed her transformation and is noticeably proud of her gender reassignment surgery. However, reports reveal that Caitlyn is now interested in showing the results to the entire world, by stripping down to nothing for a photo shoot.

According to Daily Mail, Caitlyn Jenner is planning to share the image of her new body to the world by means of a nude photoshoot. Arguably the most famous transgender of the decade, Caitlyn Jenner, 67, has completed her gender reassignment surgery back in January as she revealed in her new memoir, The Secrets of My Life.

The last fans saw of Caitlyn Jenner in a photo shoot was when she revealed her new look in a Vanity Fair magazine in July 2015. Apparently, Jenner is planning for another photo spread to flaunt her new body, but this time, in the nude. According to the publication, Jenner's nude photo shoot will be her biggest moment since coming out as a transgender a few years prior.

In a report by Hollywood Life, it was revealed that it was Caitlyn Jenner's son, Brody, 33, who told everyone about her plans regarding the nude photo shoot. Apparently, Jenner already planned and booked a fully nude photo shoot and the family isn't quite on board with the idea. In fact, Kendall Jenner, 21, and Kylie Jenner, 19, are pissed at the idea of Caitlyn Jenner appearing nude in a magazine.

A source reveals that the rest of the Kardashians aren't accepting Caitlyn's plans at all. "They were like, 'that's unacceptable, it's taking things too far," the source claims. Moreover, the same source also expressed that Caitlyn's nude photo shoot would turn out to be the Kardashian's "worst nightmare."

As for Caitlyn's daughters, Kendall and Kylie, they remain solid on their stance regarding their parents presenting themselves nude for a photo shoot. Looking back, Kris Jenner had the same plans a couple of years prior and Kendall and Kylie both rejected the idea. Fortunately, the two reality stars were able to convince Kris to forgo doing a nude photo shoot.

In light of Caitlyn Jenner's nude photo shoot plans, Kendall and Kylie had the exact same reaction that they had when their mother wanted to go bare for the camera. "Kylie and Kendall both hated the idea of seeing their 60-year-old mother, naked in a magazine," a source reveals. "They just don't want to see either of their parents in that way."

Hopefully, Caitlyn Jenner's plans, although spoiled, will be clarified when the former Olympian joins Diane Sawyer for a follow-up sit-down special. Apparently, the transgender icon will be interviewed by the 71-year-old 20/20 host following the release of The Secrets of My Life. The said interview may reveal more about Caitlyn Jenner's plans on publicizing her physical transformation from male to female.

The 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer and Caitlyn Jenner will air on April 21, at 10 PM ET. Aside from her revealing her stand on gay marriage, which she is "100 percent behind," fans are also hoping that the former Olympian will also reveal more on her plans regarding the nude photo shoot.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn Jenner's book The Secrets of My Life not only reveal and confirm her stance as a transgender and how far she has gone to transform herself, but also sheds light on her journey thereof. In the now highly-anticipated book, Jenner reveals more about her gender reassignment surgery, telling readers that it was a definite "success." Apparently, after the surgeries Jenner went through in the name of her transformation, she now feels that "she is finally the person she's always wanted to be."

[Featured Image By Kevin Winter/Getty Images]