‘Born This Way’ Returns For Another Inspiring And Heartwarming Season On A&E

Born This Way is the type of series that leaves viewers wanting to know more about the fascinating and insightful young adults that are featured. Even though each of the seven young adults featured on Born This Way have Down syndrome, they don’t let that stop them as they pursue what they want in life.

According to Broadway World, this diverse group of young men and women will continue to journey outside their comfort zones as they set out to achieve more independence during the third season of Born This Way. The series also gives their parents a voice as they talk about the highs and lows associated with helping their children achieve as much independence as possible. Sometimes parents have to tell their son or daughter some hard truths that they don’t want to hear, but it’s always done in a loving way. These seven young people are bright, articulate, and know what they want, and the support they have received from their family and friends has undoubtedly been a large part of helping them develop into the people they are today.

On this season of Born This Way, there will be new jobs, new living arrangements, and new relationships. There will even be a new family featured as they navigate the challenging, but rewarding road to raising 3-year-old Rocco, who also has Down syndrome.

Born This Way has contributed to a cultural shift in the way individuals with differences are viewed and it remains incredibly rewarding to have such an impactful series on our air,” said Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP and head of programming for the A&E Network. “This season we continue to highlight the shining personalities and incredible abilities of this cast of young adults who, alongside their families, fearlessly represent and celebrate diversity on television.”

For those not familiar with Born This Way, Steven Clark is just like many other young adults, and would like to find that perfect someone to share his life with. He has never been on a date or even kissed a girl, but that changes on this season of Born This Way. Last season, Steven fell hard for Megan Bomgaars, and it remains to be seen if she feels the same way about Steven.


Megan Bomgaars tries her best to let nothing stand in her way. She is a creative visionary and an entrepreneur who has created her own clothing line under the brand Megology. She is also interested in becoming a film producer, and is known for her moving speech titled, “Don’t Limit Me,” which can be viewed on YouTube. She would like to become completely independent and her very patient and understanding mother, Kris, is working with her on ways she can realistically achieve her goals.

Cristina Sanz is another young woman who knows what she wants, and she would like to marry her fiancé, Angel. Her parents aren’t opposed to the idea, but they want her to first learn how to live independently. The perfect opportunity toward taking that first step appears when an apartment with support services becomes available. Although Cristina is determined to become more independent, her family may not be quite ready yet to let her go.

John Tucker continues to pursue a career as a rap artist, and he has a lot of family support, even though his mother, Joyce, did explain to him that he needed to start making a profit with his music in order to pay off his debts. On this season of Born This Way, John continues to work on his career, and during his free time, he focuses on spending more time with his loving and supportive family.


Rachel Osterbach has a sweet and bubbly personality, but there are times when fears crop up to stop her from doing what she enjoys. Last season on Born This Way, she worked hard to overcome her fears, and it has paid off. Rachel states on a preview clip of the new season of Born This Way this is her year of “yes.” She has decided to focus on making her dream of becoming a working actor come true, and Rachel is willing to face her fears in order to do what’s needed to accomplish her goals.

During the previous season of Born This Way, Sean McElwee and Steven became roommates when they decided to share an apartment that offered support services. This season, Sean finds himself in the middle of a love triangle, and this self-proclaimed “ladies man” may be left with a broken heart. He also receives some news in regard to his health, leading to an unexpected diagnosis.

Rounding up the cast is Elena Ashmore, and on this season of Born This Way, she has decided that it is time to overcome her fears as well, and to embrace her disability. She loves to cook and begins training for a paying position within the food industry. If she can remain focused, what could be the job of her dreams may very well become a reality. In the past she and her mother, Hiromi, haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but both mother and daughter have been working on their communication skills with one another and it’s bound to help with their relationship.

Deadline Hollywood shared that after winning an Emmy last year for Best Unstructured Reality Series, which ended Deadliest Catch’s streak in the category, there will be 10, one-hour episodes airing this season. When Born This Way premieres, there will be two back-to-back episodes airing on Tuesday, May 16, beginning at 9 p.m. ET on the A&E Channel. New episodes of Born This Way will continue in the 10 p.m. ET time slot the following week, and will stay that way for the rest of Season 3.

[Featured Image by A&E Channel]