Malia Obama Targeted By White House Stalker For The Second Time In One Week

Malia Obama has once again become the target of an emotionally unstable, obsessed Brooklyn man who has repeatedly tried to get inside of the White House in the past. The man who was later identified as Jair Cardoso pretended to be blind in order to successfully follow the former first daughter around New York. On April 10, Cardoso managed to sneak into the Tribeca building where Malia Obama interns.

After getting inside of the building undetected, the man known as the White House stalker made his way up to the fourth floor, placed a hand-made sign on a window and became hysterical while yelling for Malia Obama to marry him, according to CBS News.

Authorities simply told the man to leave the building and instructed him to leave Malia Obama alone.

malia obama stalked again
Malia Obama and younger sister, Sasha Obama.[Image by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images]

On April 12, Cardosa returned and followed Malia Obama out of a different West Village office.

According to the Daily Mail, agents in common clothes were watching Malia Obama from across the street when they noticed Cardoso, who donned a Rastafarian cap, pretending to be blind.

Secret Service quickly surrounded the stalker and interrogated him for nearly an hour, while Malia sneaked out of the offices of Weinstein Company through a side door.


Those agents identified Cardosa as the same man who tried to enter the White House on repeatedly in the past, according to the Daily Mail. Cardoso was then visited by Secret Service agents at his Brooklyn apartment on April 13, according to sources. Cardoso was interviewed and it was concluded he had psychiatric issues and took him to a Brooklyn hospital for evaluation.

Secret Service agents went to an NYPD precinct in Manhattan to report multiple harassing incidents which involved Malia Obama, according to CBS News.

Cops are trying to decide whether to file stalking or harassment charges against Cardoso according to New York Daily News.

malia obama stalker
President Barack Obama and his daughter Malia Obama. [Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

What makes the case even more interesting is that Cardoso had no prior criminal record in the city, according to authorities. However, that cannot predict future behavior or personal intent, as the Facebook Killer had no prior criminal record before he committed his act of murder.

The Whitehouse stalker could not be reached for comment.

Malia Obama attended the Sundance Film Festival a few months ago, in January. At the time, she was reportedly going to begin an internship with the film producer Harvey Weinstein and the Tribeca Film Center.


A representative for the offices of Barack and Michelle Obama declined to comment on the alleged stalking of their oldest daughter, Malia Obama. The NYPD referred a reporter to the Secret Service, which declined to comment.

“As a matter of practice the Secret Service does not comment on the means and methods of protective operations or investigations.”

In February after spending a family vacation in Palm Springs, Malia began her internship with The Weinstein Company.

She previously interned on the HBO series, “Girls,” and also on the Los Angeles set of the CBS series, “Extant,” which stars Halle Berry.

During the Obama administration, several White House staffers expressed some major frustration with paparazzi photographing Malia when she was out in public. The administration was worried it could elicit the kind of behavior that led the Secret Service agents to detain Cardoso.


The Secret Service declined to comment on the case, however, a spokesman told the Daily Mail,

“As a matter of practice, the Secret Service does not comment on the means and methods of protective operations or investigations.”

After taking a year off following her graduation from Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., Malia would attend Harvard University beginning this fall and set to graduate as a member of the Class of 2021.

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