Watch ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Full Episode 4-19-17 Online, Blood Money, Marlena And John Recap Videos [Spoilers]

Are you a Days of Our Lives fan? Have you been watching the show this week? There’s been plenty of drama in the love department but on the April 19, 2017, episode of Days of Our Lives did not feature powerhouse couple Chad and Abby. Many other stories were featured and you can catch up on all the drama. First, you can watch the full episode of Days of Our Lives online in the link below. It is the full episode, and is hosted on the official NBC Days of Our Lives site. You may need your cable or satelite provider’s log in information in order to watch.

Watch Days of Our Lives Full Episode Online

The following is a recap of the Wednesday, April 19, 2017, Days of Our Lives episode 149 and contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the episode and want to watch it online, then keep in mind the following recap does have spoilers.

As Chad and Abby didn’t appear in Wednesday’s Days of Our Lives episode, the focus was on the reunion of John and Marlena. John Black works for the ISA and has been away on a secret mission, resulting in Marlena’s and his separation. Days of Our Lives opened with Marlena in the park waiting for Paul who had wanted to meet her there. He gave her a letter but the contents were kept secret from the viewers.

In the next Days of Our Lives’ scene featuring the couple, Marlena was in a hotel room, holding the letter and waiting for someone. John opened the door and the two were united in a kiss. The drama continued to unfold as Marlena tried to get some answers about John’s secret mission. Marlena wanted to know how long John would be staying in Salem, he kissed her instead. The two wept as they embraced and their love was as strong as ever. John and Marlena have been central to many storylines on Days of Our Lives and it’s always good to see these two on screen.

John would not be in town long and after they spent time together, he told her he needed to return to the ISA and his mission, but promised he’d return to her soon. Marlena was brokenhearted to see the love of her life leave, but she was comforted by the brief time they shared. Could John’s secret ISA mission have something to do with the return of Sami Brady to Days of Our Lives‘ little town of Salem?

Steve, Tripp, Ava, and Vitali Blood Money

There’s a new member in the Johnson, Vitali blood line and he has a very important decision to make. Tripp, the newly revealed son of mafia princess Ava Vitali and her former lover and obsession Steve Johnson, sat with an attorney for the Vitali family and was told he was soon to be rich. Steve walked in the pub as Tripp was ecstatic after hearing the news. He wanted to buy drinks for everyone, but the Vitali money came with a warning from Steve.

Steve called the money “blood money” and decided to share more information regarding Ava. Though Tripp has heard Steve’s stories about how evil Ava was, Tripp has compassion for his mother. He cannot fathom why Steve killed her instead of helping her. The more Tripp learns about how Ava’s father caused her mental demise, the more compassion Tripp has for him. When Steve told Tripp that it was her father who took Ava’s baby from her, driving her to insanity, Tripp’s response was that he owed him the money.

Will Steve be able to talk Tripp out of taking Vitali blood money? Will Tripp become entangled with the Vitalis?

Towards the end of Wednesday’s Days of Our Lives episode, Tripp drank too much while celebrating, became combative and ended up in police custody thanks to Roman who felt Tripp needed to learn an important lesson by spending the night in jail.

Other Days of Our Lives storylines featured on Wednesday include Steve and Kayla making progress in their relationship, Joey and Jade, and Sonny and Paul. Steve and Kayla are becoming closer and Kayla is giving in to her love for Steve. The two have been a powerhouse couple on Days of Our Live since the eighties and with Bo gone, there is a certain sense of nostalgia when the two are on screen. Steve and Kayla continue to grow in their relationship and they are navigating unchartered waters juggling things with Joey and Tripp. Steve has covered up the fact that it was Joey who killed Ava, making a very complicated relationship between the half-brothers Joey and Tripp. Could you imagine what might happen if one day Tripp learns the truth?

Do you watch Days of Our Lives? Do you like the new story lines? Are you excited for Sami to return to Salem and would you like E.J. to follow? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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