Mia Khalifa Jokes About HIV Rumors, Rachel Ray Gets Involved


The Mia Khalifa HIV rumors are swirling yet again. The former adult star trended on Twitter on Thursday, April 20. Fans were confused as to why Mia Khalifa’s name was on the list of trending topics across the globe. She reportedly joked about the sexually-transmitted disease on the social media site. This sparked the rumors that the Pornhub star is diagnosed with HIV.

The sports columnist decided to tackle the HIV rumors head on. Khalifa noticed that her name was trending on Twitter over the rumors. So the social media star decided to make a joke about it like she does with everything else.

“Jokes on y’all, this is gonna be me next time the beer line is too long at a hockey game,” she wrote.


Mia included a photo of Danny DeVito on an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in which he pretends to have AIDs just to get to the front of the line at a water park. Fans were not cool with Mia’s off-key joke. Some saw the joke as tasteless, even if it originated on the FX series.

Even Rachel Ray caught wind of Mia’s tweet and responded.

“Lying about a terminal illness to cut a line,” the Food Network star wrote. “Are you sure you want that kind of karma?”


“I’m not just sure,” Mia responded. “I’m HIV positive.”

She was obviously making a joke, but fans were still confused by her response. A lot of people on Twitter took Khalifa’s tweet as confirmation of the rumor, according to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. Although some people didn’t understand that Khalifa’s response to Rachel Ray was just sarcasm.

She wasn’t done though. She had more to say about those HIV rumors. Mia also didn’t seem to mind that she was trending worldwide on Twitter. She took advantage of the opportunity to promote her online store.


There has been speculation as to why Khalifa ended her adult film career. She revealed in a sit-down interview with the Washington Post last year that she tried out the industry during her rebellious college years. After appearing in a handful of adult videos, Khalifa decided to quit adult acting after just doing it for a few short months. Last month, Maxim hinted that the model may be interested in becoming a chef now that she makes sexy cooking shows on her Instagram account.

She doesn’t just cook and talk sports. Mia also hosts live adult chats on Camstr, which she advertised a few months ago. She also asks her fans to buy her gifts off her Amazon Wish List. According to the International Business Times, she also posts racy photos and videos and still interacts with the Girls Gone Wild account on Twitter. Since Mia still has close ties to the adult industry, some assume she somehow contracted the virus.

This is not the first time that this rumor has appeared on social media. The last time the Mia Khalifa HIV rumors surfaced was in January 28 and was linked to a fake news site called TheNoChill. The site claimed that Khalifa “is recently diagnosed with HIV Positive Infection. As the girl was shooting with 2 other people, the industry remains in a fear of an outbreak.”

“This is the 5th case in this industry in the past 10 months,” a so-called director named Barney Hive, who does not exist. “It’s not about that we are losing our actors; it’s about all the humans. This infection is scary and for us, all human lives are anywhere on this planet matter.”

According to NewsX, Mia put the rumors to rest back in February. She said that haters were spreading the cruel rumors about her. She said that her adult industry past has never affected her professional or personal life.

The alleged news outlet has kept its story up on its site and claims that it has proof that Khalifa has traveled outside of the U.S. for a secret health test. But the site has failed to provide proof that she’s HIV-positive. Khalifa has not traveled out of the U.S., as seen on Instagram. She’s been at sporting events, radio shows, and at the gym.

Mia Khalifa retired from the adult entertainment industry because she didn’t like it. She wants to rebrand herself as a social media personality and sports commentator. She often talks about her favorite Washington teams on her social media accounts.