April The Giraffe Live Stream Feed: Animal Adventure Park Cam To Watch April & Baby Ends Soon, How To Visit

The April the giraffe live stream camera feed is officially coming to a close as of Friday afternoon. After taking the world by storm online with coverage of the pregnant giraffe as it awaited the birth of a baby giraffe, viewers have limited time to continue to check in on them by live video. The feed has been coming from the Animal Adventure Park in New York but like all good things, it seems that show must come to an end. However, the good news is there will be ways to keep updated with the latest on April, Oliver, and the baby giraffe, who has yet to receive an official name.

On Wednesday, CBS New York (via the Associated Press) reported that the park’s YouTube channel went viral due to the continuous live streaming of April the giraffe. It gained over 232 million live views since this past February, which made the channel “second-most live streamed” in the history of YouTube. As of this report, that channel has over 550,000 subscribers on it as well. A recent look at the channel’s uploads shows streams which have topped anywhere from three to 14 million views, showing just how captivating the story has been online. It’s said that over 1.2 million viewers were watching live when April finally gave birth to its baby this past Saturday.

mother with baby giraffe calf at animal park
A mother giving birth to a new baby giraffe calf captivated millions of viewers online. [Image by Getty Images]

Jordan Patch, the owner of Animal Adventure Park, discussed how people will likely miss the giraffe cam but mentioned the park will be opening for visits in the near future.

“We are gearing up now for a new season and our opening day on May 13, we encourage fans to come out and visit the giraffe family and all of our other fantastic animals and exhibits. We would like to thank the millions of supporters that have made this journey fun, engaging and magical for so many throughout the world. We are eternally grateful for every person that tuned in and shared a part of their lives with all of us at Animal Adventure Park.”

So when will the April the giraffe live feed officially end for viewers? A report via CBS Miami indicates Animal Adventure Park will have the giraffe cam go dark as of 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday afternoon. However, it’s mentioned that the park has a Facebook page and the YouTube channel will remain active. There are also April the giraffe text message alerts that interested parties can sign up to get. The SMS alert system indicates it will provide “real-time alerts” regarding the giraffe family and that subscribers will be the first to see the newest upsets. However, it is also noted there is a “one-time charge of $4.99” for the text alert service.

Of course, those who want to go the extra mile (or much more) might consider visiting the Animal Adventure Park. It’s scheduled for opening day on May 13. The park is located on 85 Martin Hill Road in Harpursville, New York, which is a three-hour drive from New York City or Philadelphia for those in the vicinity. For those a bit farther out, it still could provide a fun-filled and educational family trip to a different part of the country.

As one Trip Advisor contributor says, the park is well worth the visit despite where it is located.

“Yes…it is in the middle of nowhere. Yes, this is a smaller zoo. BUT…it is worth your time! We’ve visited so many zoos around the country and this little animal park has our heart.”

Baby giraffe and mother live feed to go dark Friday
The mother and her baby giraffe's live feed goes dark as of Friday afternoon. [Image by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images]

So while there may be many great zoos around the world, this smaller park has shown just how big a deal it can be, thanks to the modern wonders of technology such as live stream and viral video.

April the giraffe fans, do you plan to stay updated on April, her baby calf, Oliver, and the latest from the Adventure Park? Are you considering a visit to the zoo to check on the animals?

[Featured Image by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images]