Terrorist Shooting In Paris On Champs Elysees: One Police Officer And One Suspect Dead [Breaking]

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, a police officer was killed after an individual fired a gun at a police car on the famous Champs-Élysées boulevard in Paris, France. ABC News reports that two other officers were left severely wounded, according to French Interior Minister spokesman Pierre-Henri Brandet. A passerby was injured as well, according to the Mirror.

One suspect has been killed, and another is still alive and at large, according to the Mirror. According to the Telegraph, the second shooter arrived in Paris by train from Belgium. An arrest warrant for the at-large suspect has been issued.

Authorities have advised the public to avoid the Champs-Élysées area. On Twitter, the French police union reported that an “individual in a car opened fire on a police car stopped at a red light, killing one policeman.”


The Telegraph reports that one shooter fired at the officers six times before hiding behind a lorry. He then attempted to run away before being shot by authorities.

ABC News added details from Pierre-Henri Brandet’s account of the shooting told to local channel BFM TV. Brandet stated that the officers were targeted by the shooter and that the suspect shot at his victims after getting out of his car. According to ABC News, the suspect tried to flee the scene, continuing to shoot at officers while he was running. A spokeswoman for the prosecutor who handles terrorism cases stated that terror investigators are “looking into this case.”

The Mirror reported that a helicopter has been spotted flying over the Paris area. The Telegraph added that this helicopter, equipped with a searchlight, is being used to find the escaped suspect. The east Paris home of the slayed shooter is also being searched by police.

French President Francois Hollande has called an emergency meeting in Paris as a response to the shootings, reports the Mirror. According to the Telegraph, Hollande has stated,”We are convinced the motive is likely to be terrorism.”

The gunman shot the officers with a Kalashnikov rifle, also known as an AK-47, according to the Mirror. Hollande’s decision to label the shooting as a terrorist attack answers questions that some have had as to the motive of the Paris shooting, which authorities had speculated may have been related to a robbery.