Florida Tennis Match Interrupted By Couple’s Loud Sex Noises, Announcer Doesn’t Miss A Beat [Video]

Tennis match-ups are known to get pretty loud, but one Florida couple truly turned up the volume when the sounds of their most-recent energetic sex session traveled over into a live, videotaped event at the Sarasota Open.

Sports announcer Mike Cation was busy keeping track of the action between players Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Kruege this past Tuesday, according to the New York Daily News, when in the literal swing of things, a woman’s pleasure-filled moans began to very noticeably fill the wide-open space — as well as the eardrums of those who were in attendance.

“After the first three moans, it was clear that it was copulation being enjoyed vigorously,” Cation cautiously surmised.

In a capture of live video from the game, which has since gone viral, 19-year-old Tiafoe is seen setting up a serve for the opposing Kruege, when he first catches wind of the very distinctive noise. Almost immediately, an understandable yet hilarious shocked expression begins to form upon his face.

Once Cation realizes that he, too, cannot ignore the obvious, XXX-rated aural distraction being heard by everyone on the tennis court, he rationally does what he was initially hired to do: Detail the scene at-hand.

“I don’t know how to put this, folks,” Cation comments, “but somebody’s phone [is] going off in the stands and it was an adult video [playing].”

As the tennis set goes on, however, the loud sex sounds grow exponentially, and Cation quickly realizes that the romp is happening in real-time.

“The sex sounds were [actually] coming from one of the houses adjacent to the United Tennis Academy in Bradenton,” Deadspin explains.

“I still hear it,” the embarrassed sports commentator dictates to the crowd in the video.

“Nope, that is not [from] a phone. That’s [coming from] an apartment across the lake.”

Despite what he was ultimately describing to the tennis fans, Cation admits that he was bound to maintain his cool for the sake of children who may have also been aurally privy to the loud encounter between the unseen sex partners.


“I didn’t have to stop myself from laughing because, like so many others, it just took me a second to really understand what was happening [and] where it was happening,” he expressed, “and then all of a sudden; well, [it’s like], I’ve got to figure out how to talk about this in a family-friendly way.”

Cation did, however, allow himself to make one quip about the interruption.

“[Well], at least someone’s having a good night,” he lightheartedly stated.

tennis loud sex
Professional tennis star Frances Tiafoe was in mid-serve at the Sarasota Open on Tuesday, when loud sex noises began to fill the stadium. [Image by Julian Finney/Getty Images]

Both Tiafoe and Kruege were also able to keep their cool as they played on, but the former admittedly couldn’t help himself when, during a later point in the tennis game, the loud sex screams came back with a vengeance and caused yet another unplanned pause.

“It can’t be that good,” the young professional joked, as Kruege farcically followed suit by throwing a tennis ball in the direction of the noise.

Tiafoe took to his Twitter after the match to confirm to an online tennis fan that the experience indeed happened the way it did.

“[I’ve] never seen something more real,” he responded, “[and] it was awesome.”

Cation, meanwhile, sees the mature matter as something that simply comes with the territory of announcing live events.

“I take a lot of pride in making sure we tell the stories of our USTA events and players in a way that respects their hard work,” he explained, “so you don’t want to disrupt that at all. But then, when the players are paused [and] the crowd can’t contain themselves, you just have to explain what’s happening.”

“It’s the basic part of a play-by-play job,” Cation concluded.

“Describe what’s happening. So, I tried.”

The identity of the tennis sex video twosome have yet to be revealed.

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