Gizelle Bryant Slams Karen Huger For ‘RHOP’ Drama: Is Karen Making A Fool Of Herself?

Gizelle Bryant may be the word on the street after her role on The Real Housewives of Potomac, but she’s learning that she may be the wrong kind of word on the street this season. While the show wasn’t filming, Gizelle and her co-star Charrisse Jackson Jordan got into a heated feud that involved the media and a cease and desist letter. Gizelle started speaking out about her co-star’s marital situation, which exploded after the season ended. Bryant didn’t think twice about speaking on behalf of Charrisse. Jackson Jordan’s husband had been fired from his job in New Jersey, but when he didn’t return home to Potomac to be with his wife, things got awkward for her.

According to a new Bravo report, Gizelle Bryant claimed that she was genuine in her apology to Charrisse because she wanted to move on. She realized that she might have made a mistake in speaking out about her co-star’s marriage, and she wanted to move on. But she didn’t realize that Karen Huger also pulled some strings behind the scenes.

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“Yes, it was very genuine. I do feel strongly about the fact that Charrisse and I have known each other for six, seven years, and we’ve had a relationship that has been fine,” Gizelle Bryant tells Bravo‘s The Daily Dish about her friendships with her co-stars, revealing that she and Charrisse were fine after she apologized.

Of course, Bryant has gone through a divorce herself thanks to a cheating husband, so she knows how stressful it is to go through the emotions. And Gizelle blames these feelings on how Charrisse has handled herself in their feud.

“I feel like I understand her hurt, and I understand why sometimes she does the things that she does because it’s not necessarily coming from a good place; it’s coming from a place of hurt, and I get that,” Bryan revealed about Charrisse, adding,”And that was probably one of the reasons why I apologized.”

However, it is surprising that Karen Huger is also playing a role in the drama. Even though Huger is currently spending her airtime looking for a new home with her husband and stalking her daughter at college, Gizelle Bryant reveals that Karen is very calculated and does stir the pot when it comes to Gizelle and Robyn Dixon.

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“Karen is very interesting, because she wants us all to come together and make peace, and then she brings out all this drama with Robyn and throws Robyn under the bus. So just as Charrisse and I have kumbayaed, here comes messy Karen with more drama,” Bryant explained about her co-star, adding, “But what Karen doesn’t know is that Robyn and I are good enough friends that we see Karen coming before she even gets to us. And Robyn and I have talked a lot about the situation between me and Charrisse. And Robyn’s entitled to her own opinion. I don’t have a problem with that.”

Even Dixon questioned where Karen’s loyalty was as she had no problem bringing up information that she had discussed with Robyn. This came as a huge surprise to her co-stars, especially Gizelle Bryant. But as Bryant points out, she and Robyn can see what Karen is doing, which makes her a target. And it is possible that Karen could lose some friends along the way.

What do you think of Gizelle Bryant’s words about her feud with Charrisse? Are you surprised that they feuded after the first season ended? And what do you think about Karen Huger’s role in the drama as she continues to talk a lot about her co-stars?

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