Meghan Markle’s Sister To Write Tell-All Book, Claims Actress Is A ‘Social Climber’

Meghan Markle, an American actress, may not be typical princess material, but that hasn’t stopped her whirlwind romance with Prince Harry. Reportedly, the two have been getting even more serious in recent months, and she will be accompanying him to sister-in-law Pippa Middleton’s upcoming wedding reception, which is against regular palace protocol. She won’t, however, be allowed to attend the ceremony unless Prince Harry has formally proposed, in keeping with the old royal custom.

While reports say that the Royal Family has accepted Meghan Markle because they love seeing Prince Harry happy, not everyone is ecstatic for the pair. In fact, Meghan’s own estranged sister, Samantha Grant, has threatened to write a tell-all book to expose what the actress has supposedly “done to her family.”

Grant took to Twitter to discuss what will be in the book.

“Some of it she won’t like, some of it she might,” she wrote.

Grant has also criticized Meghan Markle’s charity work, claiming that the Suits star has other motives besides good intentions. Grant also had further harsh words for her sister, calling her a “shallow social climber” and stated that Prince Harry would be appalled if he knew what Meghan Markle had supposedly done to ruin the family.

Thus far, Meghan Markle has held her tongue; a practice she will have to master if she becomes the next British princess.

An insider told Radar Online that they thought this whole situation was a “ridiculous money grabbing scheme” with an estranged relative looking to profit off of Meghan Markle’s fame. Thus far, however, there is no word on why the sisters are estranged or what happened to pit them at odds with one another.

Sources at Kensington Palace, however, say that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently on Cloud 9 and loved up despite the rumors and threat of a possible tell-all book.

Prince Harry has stated to his staff that Meghan Markle should be treated like any other member of the royal family despite her American status.

“Harry has made it clear she’s to be treated like everyone else who lives there,” an insider revealed.

Reports say that they expect the happy couple to seal the deal and get engaged by September, meaning that Meghan Markle might just be too busy planning a wedding to deal with any nonsense her estranged sister could be throwing her way.

Prince Harry has recently become a fierce advocate for mental health after opening up about his struggles with depression and prolonged grief following the death of his beloved mother, Princess Diana.

Recently, Sky News asked Prince Harry if he was happier with Meghan Markle in his life, but he tactfully dodged the question in order to keep it on the topic of his campaign, stating that he was definitely happy at the moment.

When asked if he was in a good place, he responded but turned the question away from Markle.

“Yeah, of course, I’m in a good place, we’re all in a good place and we want the UK to be in a good place as well,” he said.

Rumors have swirled that Meghan Markle’s recent resignation from several of her jobs and ambassadorships is a sign that she’s preparing to settle down with the Prince. She recently ended her relationship with Canadian clothing company Reitmans and shut down her own lifestyle blog The Tig. As a princess, she would likely have other duties to perform, so it would make sense if she was slowly closing her associations with brands and other public outlets so she can try to be a bit more private as she begins her new life as the country’s newest minted princess.

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