‘Days Of Our Lives’ 4-19-17 Episode Has Fans Speculating About Jade, Will She Become ‘The New Ava’? [Spoilers]


A recent episode Days Of Our Lives has shown us a hint of drama that may be escalating soon. Fans of Days have taken to social media to discuss whether or not Jade will be hurt enough to strike back at the Johnson family. Here is what we know.

Ava Vitali first appeared on Days of Our Lives in the year 2008. At this time, Ava was stalking Steve Johnson (Patch) She was bound and determined to exact her revenge against Steve and his family for leaving Ireland without a goodbye. Ava devised a plan to make Kayla, Steve’s wife, jealous and pressured Steve into having sex with her.

When asked why she is after Steve and his family, Ava talked about the day that Steve “left her at the altar.” Days of Our Lives viewers remember that Ava loved Steve, and that love grew into an obsession. In 2015, Ava began working with Steve and Kayla’s son Joey (James Lastovic) to get back into Steve’s life. One night, a drunken Joey who was tired of the lies and deception, smothered Ava with a pillow and his father Steve took the blame for killing her.

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Days of Our Lives later revealed that Ava and Steve conceived a child, Tripp Dalton, who was sold on the black market. After locating his son, Steve brought Tripp back to Salem in hopes of getting to know him. When Tripp (Lucas Adams) heard that Steve killed his mother, he refused to listen to anything else that Steve or Kayla had to say. At this point, of the Days of Our Lives story, he is still very angry at anyone involved in the death of his mother, Ava.

The storyline surrounding Tripp, Steve, Kayla, Joey, and Jade has been building now for the past couple of months, and fans believe that it is about to come to a head.

In the episode 4-19-17 of Days of Our Lives, Steve sat down with Tripp and had a heart to heart about Ava. They discussed Ava’s past, as well as the many childhood similarities Steve and Tripp have. Days fans were pleased to see Steve open up to Tripp about his past. They were just as pleased to see Tripp sit down and try to listen.

Jade, as currently played by Gabrielle Haugh, was originally cast on Days of Our Lives as a potential love interest for Joey. In a 2016 episode of Days of Our Lives, Joey admitted to Jade that he was the one who killed Ava. Jade kissed Joey, and they started dating, a reaction that confused many fans at the time. After Steve’s acquittal for Ava’s murder, Jade assured Steve that she wouldn’t reveal the truth about Ava. Recent episodes of Days of Our Lives have brought up the secret many times over, making fans wonder whether or not Jade will finally spill the secret as she gets closer to Tripp.

Wednesday’s Episode of Days of Our Lives, 4-19-17, dropped a couple of bombs on Jade. Not only did Kayla come down hard on Jade, Joey told her that he was not in love with her. He asked her to move out of the flat, telling her that he wanted her “out of his life.” Days of Our Lives fans have a mixed reaction to this new storyline twist. One Facebook user commented on behalf of Jade.

“I can not believe they have sweet old innocent Kayla treating this girl the way they are. Jade has kept their secret for over a year now. I am sickened by the way the writers have her being treated by this so-called perfect family.”

Some fans of the daytime series Days of Our Lives have differing views of the scenario. They suggest that nobody has truly turned on Jade, “she just won’t listen.” Many viewers have spoken out against a union between Jade and Joey. However, there seems to be some agreeance among fans when it comes to a romantic possibility with Tripp.

“Jade is a sweet girl and she deserves a good storyline with a happy love interest. I can see Jade and Tripp happy together.”

“Remember how jealous Joey was when he thought Jade liked that guy when they were on the run?”

Days of Our Lives wouldn’t be the show that it is without a lot of drama. Joey throwing Jade out of his home and life is only the beginning. The 4-19-17 episode has fans speculating if Jade will become “the new Ava” out of spite, jealousy, or opportunity.

“If Joey throws her out she may do something and say things that would be harmful to the Johnsons.”

“Jade has absolutely no reason to keep Joey’s secret about killing Ava. Now that Joey has made his feelings clear, and she knows that he doesn’t want her, she will move out and cause issues. She’s an oportunist. She’ll either tell Tripp, or blackmail the family. She will cause absolute caous for everone involved. In a sense, she will bring Ava to Salem all over again. Who knows, maybe she is even related to her.”

Fans of Days of Our Lives, what do you think about Jade stirring up the pot? Could Jade be Ava’s daughter or, at the very least related to her is some way? Do you think that Jade will try to blackmail Joey or the Johnsons in future episodes of Days? Let us know in the comments below.

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