‘Good Witch’ Star Bailee Madison Has A New Book And Movie Coming Out

Bailee Madison is a busy 17-year-old. The young star on Hallmark’s The Good Witch has her own YA book and show coming out. Bailee has become a bright young star since she’s also a designer and producer. She will also add author to her ever-growing resume.

The teen sat down for an exclusive interview with Teen Vogue. Madison revealed that she is working on her debut novel, Losing Brave, a psychological thriller that’s set for release in January of 2018. She revealed why she wanted to work on this genre as her first book.

“I think we decided to go in the more psychological aspect because that genre is really picking up right now in the world of books and movies, but it doesn’t really exist right now for teenagers,” Bailee said. “We wanted to do our best to create a book so that way it can exist in that world, but also have its own identity and it’s kind of rebirth in the world of psychological thrillers.”

She co-wrote the book with author Stefne Miller. It follows the story of Payton Brave a year after her twin sister Dylan went missing. She can’t recall anything that happened the day that her sister vanished. Payton experiences going being the most popular girl in school to being an outcast after a series of events. She then becomes friends with a group of people she never expected to get along with. When another missing girl’s body is found, new clues are revealed that could lead to more information on where Dylan went.

Bailee doesn’t want her character to be like Sophia from The Fosters or Grace from The Good Witch. She wanted to create an entirely different character that was different from herself and for the readers who get to know her. Bailee is hoping to work on a non-fiction book next because she loves how the genre deals with personal experiences.

“I’m just so excited for everyone to read this,” Madison said. “It’s a really exciting and nerve-wracking new chapter in my life and I love the book world so much. I think it’s such an amazing kind of relationship that can be formed between the person who’s reading and you just kind of sitting and imagining what this world is in your head.”

She’s also been working on her new film A Cowgirl’s Story, which dropped on iTunes and DVD. The film is another side project for the already busy actress. Not only does she play the leading role of Dusty Rhodes, but she also worked as a producer. Bailee sat down for an interview with Twist Magazine to talk about what it was like to work on her movie with some of her friends.

“It’s so exciting. It’s one of those things where you prep and prep, and then it’s time to put your baby out in the world,” she said. “All of the hard work everyone has put in to the film is finally out there. You cross your fingers and say a prayer that people connect to it and people like it. It’s nerve-wrecking but very exciting.”

It all started when Madison spoke to Timothy Armstrong, the writer of the film, on the phone. He is also the director behind the film Cowgirls and Angels, but he asked Madison to be in front of the camera as well as behind it. While she knew who to cast from the start, she wanted to get onset with a clear mind and figure out her own character first. While she got her character’s look and style down, she went on to cast some of her closest friends, which she knew were the right ones for the roles.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]