WWE News: Young Bucks ‘Disappointed’ In TNA Impact Wrestling, Had Big Plans With Hardy Boyz

The situation that saw the Hardy Boyz leaving TNA Impact Wrestling and returning to WWE is something that was filled with legal issues, trademarks, and the Young Bucks. Matt and Jeff Hardy had a great thing going in TNA with their “Broken” gimmick and the “Expedition of Gold,” which saw them move around to different promotions. Well, the situation with their former company didn’t sit well with the Young Bucks and left the team disappointed.

As the Hardys continued to move around in their quest for tag team gold, they were still under contract with Impact Wrestling. Near the end of February, the promotion didn’t end up working well with the brothers on a contract extension, and it led to them parting ways.

At the time of their departure from TNA, the Hardy Boyz were the Tag Team Champions of that promotion and also in possession of the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles. The TNA Tag Titles ended up just being dropped, but at ROH’s SuperCard of Honor XI, the tag titles were on the line against the Young Bucks in what ended up being an epic ladder match.

That match ended up being quite fantastic, and some are saying that it could be considered one of the best ladder matches of all time. The Young Bucks recently spoke with Sports Illustrated regarding a number of topics, but their match with the Hardy Boyz was the focus. Nick Jackson built themselves up and sold the Bucks as the better team.

“We are better than any other team in the world. We are bigger than tag team wrestling. We are The Young Bucks. We’re our own brand and our own genre. We’ve become larger than any active team, and we did it all on our own–without the help of a billion dollar wrestling company. No one is bigger or better than the machine, but we are definitely the best tag team of the last decade. I say that with confidence because our body of work does the talking. The four of us all climbed ladders and actually brainstormed ideas. We all kind of came up with it while standing 10 feet high.”

Despite having such an incredible match at SuperCard of Honor XI, Nick Jackson was not thrilled that their ultimate payoff happened when it did. Apparently, TNA and Ring of Honor were planning on letting this multi-promotional feud go on for a few more months.

“I was very upset. This feud was supposed to go on until possibly June and they pretty much screwed up their whole deal with the Hardys, which is why we had to jump start the whole angle.”

Matt Jackson let it be known that he was just very disappointed in the way that Impact Wrestling treated the entire situation.

“We were definitely disappointed they tried to do that. We took it very personal because not only were they taking aim at our good friends, but it was also affecting our segments. It ended up being fine, because we worked around it, but it was definitely agitating.”

The Young Bucks went on to claim that they are the “best tag team of the last decade,” and they feel confident in saying that. Everything going on between them and the Hardy Boyz was phenomenal, and it was made even better by them being in different promotions.

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When TNA Impact Wrestling struck deals with multiple promotions and allowed for the Hardy Boyz to travel around on their “Expedition of Gold,” it made their whole “Broken” storyline even better. It seems as if the situation with Ring of Honor and the Young Bucks was going to continue on for quite some time, but TNA wasn’t willing to compromise. From there, the Bucks won the ROH Tag Team Titles, the Hardy Boyz returned to WWE, and TNA has been left out of the loop.

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