‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Who Tells Victor’s Story? Chelsea Gets Shocking News About Chloe

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Scott will try to draw out the truth from the Newman’s to tell Victor’s story. Chelsea hears shocking news about Chloe, and Chloe sends some shocking letters to Billy and Kevin.

Who will tell Victor’s story?

The Young and the Restless spoilers on Soap Hub hinted that Scott would try to drag the real story about Victor out of Nikki, while Jack intends to get his take on the record.

Victor (Eric Braeden) promised Scott (Daniell Hall) that he would be able to interview anyone he wanted for the biography he is writing. Will this include interviewing Nikki?

Today on #YR, Nikki confronts Victor about his standing with the Newman clan after his betrayal of Adam. #wcw

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Although, an interview with Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) may not be ideal because while she is playing nice in public, she is really furious at her husband. Scott will definitely sense that something is up with her and continue digging for the truth.

If Nikki tells him the real story, this will likely take his book in a completely different direction. How could the truth not change the story?

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However, if Nikki doesn’t end up telling Victor’s secrets to Scott, Jack (Peter Bergman) would probably be more than happy to spill the beans. Jack thinks that this time around, he can actually beat Victor at his own game.

Chelsea finds out about Chloe?

Other Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Chloe’s whereabouts may be exposed by Paul, according to TVOverMind.

It also probably won’t be long before Paul (Doug Davidson) begins to realize that the Newman’s know a lot more about the Victor and Chloe situation that they are letting on.

Paul will call Chelsea and tell her to get to the police station as soon as she can, suggesting he wants to give her updates on the search for Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson).

Today on #YR, Chelsea comes close to finding Adam’s killer. Don’t miss today’s OMG moment! And tune in to tomorrow’s MUST-SEE episode… you don’t want to miss this!!! #OMG

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Chelsea knows that Chloe is mentally ill at this point but how will she react when she finds out the truth about what she’s done?

Chloe shocks Kevin and Billy.

Meanwhile, Young and the Restless spoilers on CelebDirtyLaundy revealed that in a future episode during the week of April 24, Chloe will write to Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) saying that either one of them could be Bella’s (May Kinder) father. She will advise that they should both get paternity tests as soon as they can.

Perhaps since Chloe skipped town and left her daughter motherless, she feels guilty and wants to determine who the father is so that she can have some family there.

Young and the Restless fans know that Kevin won’t necessarily be shocked to find out he is the father, but Billy would not expect this at all because he didn’t sleep with her.

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In her letter to Billy, Chloe will explain how she stole his sperm sample in an attempt to recreate Delia (Sophie Pollono), but she also slept with Kevin the night before so it could be either of them.

Billy will understandably freak out and try to process how he could be Bella’s father. Kevin, on the other hand, is quite excited about the possibility of being a father.

Billy and Kevin will apparently go to get a paternity test together at Memorial Hospital.

Today on Y&R, Kevin makes a shocking discovery while looking for Chloe. Will Chelsea be okay?!???? #YR

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Who do you think is Bella’s father? What do you want to see happen next on The Young and the Restless? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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