Celine Dion Heartbreakingly Recalls Her Final Words To Late Husband Rene Agelil

Celine Dion is emotionally recalling her final words to her "cold" late husband Rene Angelil as he lay on his death bed.

Celine spoke out about losing her husband in January 2016 and how she's attempting to move on in a new interview this week, where Dion revealed one of the final things she said to Angelil while standing by his bedside as he succumbed to throat cancer over a year ago.

"When he passed, I [stood] by his side and I said, 'You know what, it's okay, you know you didn't deserve to suffer that much,'" Celine said of her final moments with Rene before his death in a new interview with The Sun. "He was cold. I said, 'It's enough, it's enough of suffering. You gave so much, you don't deserve that.'"

"I said, 'I'm fine, the kids are fine, okay, everything is going to be okay. You taught me, you taught me well. I'm going to use it,'" Celine continued of her final words to her husband, with whom Dion has three biological children and three step children. "And that's what I do every day—so Rene will never die."

As for if she sees herself moving on dating someone else, Dion admitted 14-months after Rene's death that she still considers herself to be very much married to her husband of 22 years and can't see life with a new man.

Celine Dion Reveals The Final Words She Said To Husband Rene Agelil Before His Death
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"Now it is definitely too soon for me," Dion said when asked if she sees herself moving on and dating again after Angelil's death, admitting that Rene, who she met when she was just 12-years-old – is the only man she's ever kissed.

"I am definitely in love with him, married to him," Celine continued of why she doesn't see herself moving on from her late husband and dating again anytime soon. "He's the love of my life. It's very difficult for me to see myself with another person," Dion added.

Celine Dion also revealed in the candid new interview that she believes she'll continue to grieve husband Rene Angelil, who also served as her manager, for the rest of her life, although Celine told the British newspaper that she knows he's still with her when she sings and when she spends time with their children.

"The love that I have for him, I live it every day," Celine said of she's coping with life without Angelil more than a year after his death. "It's always with him."

"When I sing, it's with him. When I hug my kids, it's for him and it's with him," Dion continued of how she keeps Rene alive. "I took time to grieve and I'm still grieving," Celine said.

Celine Dion's final words to late husband Rene Angelil revealed
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Dion's extremely candid confessions about how she's coping following the death of Rene come after Dion admitted in the interview that she still consults her late husband for advice when it comes to her career.

Celine revealed that she actually asked a portrait of Angelil – who became her manager when she was just 12-years-old – if she should do another song for the recent remake of Beauty and the Beast after Disney asked her to be a part of the new soundtrack.

Celine said that when she was asked to contribute a song to the 2017 Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, she found a painting of her husband given to her by a fan and asked Rene through the piece of art if he thought she should team up with Disney again.

"The answer I got back," Celine said, "I don't want that to sound like ghostly or anything like that — but emotionally what I got back from that was, 'You have nothing to lose,'" Dion then added of Angelil's response.

Dion then went on to contribute the song "How Does A Moment Last Forever" to the 2017 Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, 15 years after Celine performed the original "Beauty and the Beast" with Peabo Bryson for the 1992 animated film.

What do you think of Celine Dion candidly opening up about moving on after Rene Angelil's death, as well as revealing some of the final words she ever said to her late husband of 22 years?

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