‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Nelle Eventually Win Michael Back? Over Carly’s Dead Body

Nelle Hayes Benson is doing her best to make amends on General Hospital. That would be great; if only she were sincere about it. Carly Corinthos believes that she has this girl figured out, and she is not going to stop until she gets her own revenge against the person who has destroyed her life. That means that she will do whatever it takes to keep Nelle away from her son, Michael, as well.

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Nelle went to the PCPD to give a statement that helped Jax with his “get out of jail card.” Even though Carly is happy that Jax is now free, she is still laying into Nelle and telling her that she isn’t buying into her game of wanting to do the right thing. Spoilers by Soap Central says that Nelle is trying to change her ways, and she has been doing just that. However, her sights are on getting Michael back into her life, and that is the reason she is trying to make amends with everyone she had hurt.


Michael has wiped Nelle out of his life, but it is obvious that he still has feelings for her that he is trying to fight. He is struggling to come to terms with what she did while also dealing with the fallout of her actions that caused his parents to split up. Despite that, Nelle is determined to do whatever it takes to get him back.


Carly realizes that her son still has feelings for the girl who she believes destroyed her marriage, but she doesn’t care. There is no way that she will let those two near each other. Carly’s anger has blinded her to the point of no return. She is hell bent on making Nelle Hayes pay for her transgressions.

The new General Hospital preview reveals that the confrontation between Nelle and Carly will continue at the police station on Thursday, and it is about to get heated. These two just can’t get along for even one minute. Despite the fact that Nelle has chosen not to testify against Jax, and he is free to leave, Carly is determined to make sure that Nelle knows that she has not forgotten the things she did to her. As these women sit down to hash it out, Nelle asks Carly a question.

“When is it ever going to be enough for you?”


Of course, Carly’s answer will most likely be that it will never be enough for all of the damage that she has caused her loved ones. She wants Nelle far away from Port Charles and out of Michael’s life for good. Will she succeed?

When Nelle came to town, revenge was on her mind, but the tables have turned, and now Carly is the one who is out to get this Benson girl for turning her life upside down. Carly is certainly no angel. She had previously admitted that she was just like Nelle when she first came to Port Charles, so she knows the revenge game pretty well.

Those reasons are why she is out to protect her eldest child from being hurt by Nelle. Michael seems to still have a soft spot for her, and that could just be the opening that she needs to worm her way back into his heart. That would make Carly’s head spin.


General Hospital spoilers for the coming weeks suggest that Carly will not only have to deal with Nelle Hayes Benson, but she will also be entangled in her soon-to-be ex-husband’s shenanigans. Sonny will find someone else to make his bed with, and there may be some financial fallout as well.

Do you think that Nelle Hayes Benson is sincere about making amends with the people she hurt? Should Michael give her another chance? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see if they will end up as a couple.

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