April The Giraffe Updated Top Baby Names: Animal Adventure Park Voting Continues as New Name leaders surface

The legend of April the Giraffe continues to grow as the contest to name her newborn calf at Animal Adventure Park continues. As the days go by, new leading names continue to pile in. If you don't know about April, and her rise to internet fame, where in the world have you been!

According to a FOX 8.com report, the now-famous April the Giraffe who gave birth to her fourth offspring last Saturday is living in comfort with the newborn male calf, but this little guy needs a name! Millions of people around the world were glued to their computers watching the live stream feed when April delivered her baby calf, and it is safe to say that the interest in April and her family has not died down one bit.

Mother giraffe with her baby calf.
April and her newborn baby calf have captured the hearts of millions. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

As previously reported on Inquisitr, Animal Adventure Park opened up the voting to the public on Saturday, April 15, and already many suggestions are flooding in. The early leaders started off as Patches, Unity, Peter, Apollo, and Harpur. Now four new names are gaining ground as the voting continues to heat up.

Added to the current name leader board (in no particular order) are Geoffrey, Noah, Ollie and Allysa's choice -- meaning if the race is too tight to call when the voting ends, the choice would be made by Allysa, April the Giraffe's keeper.

Naming April's baby has become a huge event all around the world, as even odds makers at Paddy Power were in on the action for several weeks before April gave birth, and a few of those names are on the current leaderboard now!

Geoffrey, Noah, and Ollie were all available to wager on, so if people placed money on those names, they could be coming into quite a few bucks to add to their bank account. Don't forget that Paddy Power also had Donald and Trump listed as possible names as well. It may be safe to say that this contest won't be won by Trump.

Baby giraffe calf in the zoo.
What will April's newborn baby be named? [Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

While it does cost April's fans $1 each to cast a vote in the baby naming contest, the money collected heads directly into a fundraising pool for all sorts of great causes that include giraffe conservation efforts in the wild, Animal Adventure Park continuing to improve the animal and guest experiences, helping to further their message and mission of education, and last but far from least, something called Ava's Little Heroes.

Ava's Little Heroes is an organization named after the daughter of the owners of Animal Adventure Park, who happens to suffer from a rare form of epilepsy. The funds generated from this annual campaign support local families and their children experiencing unexpected medical journeys and expenses.

Now, what can be better than that? You can help name April's newest addition to her family, and donate to a lot of great causes at the same time! That really is a win-win situation.

If you are interested in voting to name April's baby and help a good cause, you can head to the official April the Giraffe baby naming contest website for all of the information and to submit your votes. The official website indicates that the contest is expected to last 10 days or so, which means Animal Adventure Park may release the official name of April's baby calf by next week. Monday, April 24 will be the 10th day of the contest, but will it be the last day the park stops taking name requests? As the official website pointed out, they will be taking votes for approximately 10 days, so you better make sure you get your vote in before time runs out!

Fans of April the Giraffe can still check in on how she is doing as well. While Animal Adventure Park did say they were going to take down the live streaming "April cam" very soon, as of today, the live stream cam is still up and running. Over one million viewers tuned in to watch April give birth and nearly 100,000 or more still tune in on a daily basis.

[Featured Image by Joern Pollex/Getty Images]