‘Flight Of The Navigator’ Remake Is In The Works

Director Colin Trevorrow is currently in pre-production on a remake of the 1986 Disney classic, Flight of the Navigator.

Trevorrow, who recently gained notoriety as the director of the film festival favorite, Safety Not Guaranteed, had been linked with taking over the Star Wars franchise. However, a week ago, he stated, “There is another film we all love that I’m currently trying not to mess up.”

Variety is reporting that Trevorrow will work alongside Derek Connolly, the scriptwriter for Safety Not Guaranteed, and that the duo are currently writing a script for the project. Trevorrow will potentially direct the film too, plus he is also collaborating on another movie for the studio which is currently being kept secret.

When discussing the remake, Connolly said, “Flight of the Navigator wasn’t a seminal movie of my childhood but I remember liking it and the original meant a lot to Colin as a kid, so it’s really his baby. It’ll be good to have some balance so it’s not two fanboys writing the movie.”

Brad Copeland, who has previously written for Arrested Development and the US remake of The In-Betweeners, wrote a draft of the script back in 2009. However, it got dogged down in pre-production and never saw the light of day.

Navigator tells the story of David Freeman, an 8 year-old boy who vanishes in 1978 and reappears eight years later having not aged a day. He also has no memory of what has happened, but NASA scientists soon recognise a connection between David and a crashed spacecraft, which is controlled by a visitor from outside of Earth.

How do you feel about a remake of Flight of the Navigator?